Sounds for the Soul

I missed Sade. I used to listen to her songs when I was little, not realizing they were all by the same person until I got older. I’m glad she’s back and though I probably won’t physically buy the cd (I have never bout a cd before, ever), I will take a moment to youtube all of my favorites and sample the new ones here on the blog. So far this single does not disappoint.

Also, she’s Nigerian which makes here more amazing!


Zeitgeist: Week of December 26, 2009

  1. I have a huge collection of nail polish (more than 30 bottles, but I’ve never actually counted…will definitely post a photo soon). Most of them are cheapies, but I don’t mind that because I change nail color nearly every week, and most of them last at least that long.  This week, I’m infatuated with a shimmery hunter green (Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Jumpin’ Jade, $5) and a medium grey (Pure Ice in Kiss Me Here, $2). They both look awesome with my skintone and are just a touch more quirky than black polish, which experienced a rise in popularity not too long ago.  I don’t have photos yet; in the meantime there’s always Google Image Search!  (click here and here for search results)
  2. One of my favorite things in the world is the Semi-Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works. It technically doesn’t start until later today (December 27), but my local B&BW had already put out some of the 75% off stuff. What else did I find today but the True Blue Morocco Collection! I first saw it last summer when I was in Atlanta, but when I went to the mall there, the store was sold out of the Rose Petal & Orange Flower shower cream, as well as the Sweet Fig & Argan body lotion. I bought both today for a combined total of  $8 (actual retail value $30!). Amazing.
  3. Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia as Foundation Primer?? It actually works! I first heard about it from YouTube makeup videos. I’ve been testing it out this week and it really does keep my t-zone significantly less oily and my makeup stays put much, much longer. Oily-skinned girls, this is one to try! If the idea of putting a saline laxative (ahem) all over your face is a huge turn-off, it also works well as a spot treatment for pimples. Make sure to get the unflavored kind, as the mint and cherry varieties are chock full of pore-clogging flavorings and additives.
  4. Are you the type of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions every December, but come February nothing’s changed? Maybe reading these will help. (#newyearsresolutions @ Lifehacker)
  5. If you haven’t seen this yet, prepare yourself:

What’s been on your radar this week? Let me know in the Comments!

Sorry about the lack of photos. I should have some uploaded pretty soon. Have a wonderful week!



The first picture is the shadow of my earring one sunny winter day. My boyfriend caught it and thought it was cool. The next three are some of my Christmas gifts (a scarf, a stripped button down top and a sweater). I really love them all!


Rodarte for Target- Thumbs down

Looks like I may just have to sit this one out. I’m usually a fan of the high end designer-Target collections (though I have yet to actually make a purchase), but this Rodarte collection doesn’t strike the right cord with me. I’m not sure if it is the model of choice or the styling that bothers me, or if it’s just that the collection reminds me of the Adams Family, on vacation. I’m not a big fan of the cardigans or the prints. I could find this at a store like  Hot Topic if I tried hard enough. This line just isn’t my cup of tea.


Check This Out

I keep hearing this song on HGTV ads, and I know that she has a new album out, so I decided to check FeFe Dobson out for myself. Aside from the stalker-ish behavior in the beginning of the video and that [horrid] wig, the two songs aren’t that bad.



All I want for Christmas is you!

So I’ve finally finished my list of things I want this year. I took me hours, but here it is!

Ah, so I recently decided that instead of a black leather jacket, I want a brown one. This jacket from is 100% leather and comes at a more reasonable price than what I’ve witnessed. Love the zippers!

I only have white, grey, black and normal denim colored jeans. It’s definitely time to mix it up. These Kill City jeans from revolve clothing’s site will be perfect for this weather!

I want to bring some color into my winter wardrobe through wearing lipstick. I found this set by Kat von D on sephora’s website. Not sure if I will buy it; I’ll probably have to sample colors in the store.

I found this necklace on Shopbop’s site and I just love how delicate it looks on the model’s arm! I’ve been looking for a simple bracelet for a long time and I think I’ve finally found the one. 

As with the bracelet, I’ve also been searching for the perfect black leather boot. Hopefully when this one comes in the mail it would remind me of 90’s fashion. I think it’s a classic shape and should last me a long time.  It’s by Dolce Vita and was just marked down on Nordstrom’s site.

I also want this book, The Ins and Outs of the Fashion Industry- from a Fashion Insider by Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo. I love reading career information online and since I’d like to end up in the fashion industry, this should be a good guide to help me get there. Also, the reviews on amazon sound great.

I’m still looking for a messenger bag and new party dresses. My birthday’s coming up in a month and a 1/2 and I have nothing to wear. Any suggestions?

Happy Holidays!


Pictures from my life.

I love headbands, but haven’t gotten too crazy with them yet. I think the petite bows are just enough glam for daytime, and i haven’t tried headbands at night ($1.50 for two, Forever21)

The bracelets I wear every day, along with some ponytail holders. I made all of them!

I went Black Friday shopping for the first time this year! This silver leaf pendant on a long chain was one of my purchases ($7, Forever21). I’ve worn it pretty much nonstop since I got it.

Just part of my dorm decor. This wall is covered in this manner from my closet to my window (15-20 feet?). All of them are from  Nylon, Teen Vogue (see the little format ads?), Paper, H&M,  and Glamour.

I also mounted some modular origami on the wall above my desk. I plan to make more and maybe add third and fourth rows.

These are Mardi Gras beads that my friend Max gave out last year 😀 I took a bunch and hung them on my lamp. In a few of the beads you can see my reflection!

I guess you could say that I’m very DIY/craft-oriented. I LOVE making stuff and that’s usually what I like doing in my free time, using inspiration from the Internet, fashion mags, and real life. Most recently, I made cute little magnets in the days leading up to my calc and physics finals 🙂 They were a nice study break. Super easy, pretty quick, and awesome results! I’ll probably make up a tutorial for those in the future.


These are a few of my favorite things

I decided to find trends or concepts that represent my personal style and taste. I would describe my style as a range from the airiness of a bohemian top to the ruffles and bows of girly dresses to edgy ruggedness of leather, zippper and chain accessories. Enjoy!
One of the most common articles of clothing in my closet is a dress.
Dresses by GinikaA featuring Anna Sui
Maybe it’s the weather, but I find myself admiring and purchasing more black items.
Black by GinikaA featuring Chie Mihara shoes
I’ve worn bangles for years. They’ve been a personal favorite since I was 13.
Bangles by GinikaA featuring Maurizio Pecoraro bracelets

Leather Zipper and Chains

Thanks to Balmain and fashion magazines, my love for all things hard, glamorous and 80’s has changed the things I spend most of my time shopping for. I want leather jackets, boots, pumps, more bags. Everything.

Leather Zipper and Chains by GinikaA featuring CC Skye bags

I’m sometimes a secret girly girl. Well it may not be novel to most people when they first meet me. But I certainly enjoy ruffly dresses and lots of bows. Just don’t expect me to wear them EVERYDAY.


Last Night…

I went to the Nutcracker at The Fox. It was amazing and the sugar plum fairies’ dresses were breathtaking. Got interviewed for an ad for the theatre, which should be on tv next year. Hopefully I didn’t say anything too lame. Got to hang out with Santa which probably made some little kids sad, but it’s ok. I’ve been nice this year.