These are a few of my favorite things

I decided to find trends or concepts that represent my personal style and taste. I would describe my style as a range from the airiness of a bohemian top to the ruffles and bows of girly dresses to edgy ruggedness of leather, zippper and chain accessories. Enjoy!
One of the most common articles of clothing in my closet is a dress.
Dresses by GinikaA featuring Anna Sui
Maybe it’s the weather, but I find myself admiring and purchasing more black items.
Black by GinikaA featuring Chie Mihara shoes
I’ve worn bangles for years. They’ve been a personal favorite since I was 13.
Bangles by GinikaA featuring Maurizio Pecoraro bracelets

Leather Zipper and Chains

Thanks to Balmain and fashion magazines, my love for all things hard, glamorous and 80’s has changed the things I spend most of my time shopping for. I want leather jackets, boots, pumps, more bags. Everything.

Leather Zipper and Chains by GinikaA featuring CC Skye bags

I’m sometimes a secret girly girl. Well it may not be novel to most people when they first meet me. But I certainly enjoy ruffly dresses and lots of bows. Just don’t expect me to wear them EVERYDAY.



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