Pictures from my life.

I love headbands, but haven’t gotten too crazy with them yet. I think the petite bows are just enough glam for daytime, and i haven’t tried headbands at night ($1.50 for two, Forever21)

The bracelets I wear every day, along with some ponytail holders. I made all of them!

I went Black Friday shopping for the first time this year! This silver leaf pendant on a long chain was one of my purchases ($7, Forever21). I’ve worn it pretty much nonstop since I got it.

Just part of my dorm decor. This wall is covered in this manner from my closet to my window (15-20 feet?). All of them are from  Nylon, Teen Vogue (see the little format ads?), Paper, H&M,  and Glamour.

I also mounted some modular origami on the wall above my desk. I plan to make more and maybe add third and fourth rows.

These are Mardi Gras beads that my friend Max gave out last year 😀 I took a bunch and hung them on my lamp. In a few of the beads you can see my reflection!

I guess you could say that I’m very DIY/craft-oriented. I LOVE making stuff and that’s usually what I like doing in my free time, using inspiration from the Internet, fashion mags, and real life. Most recently, I made cute little magnets in the days leading up to my calc and physics finals 🙂 They were a nice study break. Super easy, pretty quick, and awesome results! I’ll probably make up a tutorial for those in the future.



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