Zeitgeist: Week of December 26, 2009

  1. I have a huge collection of nail polish (more than 30 bottles, but I’ve never actually counted…will definitely post a photo soon). Most of them are cheapies, but I don’t mind that because I change nail color nearly every week, and most of them last at least that long.  This week, I’m infatuated with a shimmery hunter green (Sally Hansen Insta Dry in Jumpin’ Jade, $5) and a medium grey (Pure Ice in Kiss Me Here, $2). They both look awesome with my skintone and are just a touch more quirky than black polish, which experienced a rise in popularity not too long ago.  I don’t have photos yet; in the meantime there’s always Google Image Search!  (click here and here for search results)
  2. One of my favorite things in the world is the Semi-Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works. It technically doesn’t start until later today (December 27), but my local B&BW had already put out some of the 75% off stuff. What else did I find today but the True Blue Morocco Collection! I first saw it last summer when I was in Atlanta, but when I went to the mall there, the store was sold out of the Rose Petal & Orange Flower shower cream, as well as the Sweet Fig & Argan body lotion. I bought both today for a combined total of  $8 (actual retail value $30!). Amazing.
  3. Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia as Foundation Primer?? It actually works! I first heard about it from YouTube makeup videos. I’ve been testing it out this week and it really does keep my t-zone significantly less oily and my makeup stays put much, much longer. Oily-skinned girls, this is one to try! If the idea of putting a saline laxative (ahem) all over your face is a huge turn-off, it also works well as a spot treatment for pimples. Make sure to get the unflavored kind, as the mint and cherry varieties are chock full of pore-clogging flavorings and additives.
  4. Are you the type of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions every December, but come February nothing’s changed? Maybe reading these will help. (#newyearsresolutions @ Lifehacker)
  5. If you haven’t seen this yet, prepare yourself:

What’s been on your radar this week? Let me know in the Comments!

Sorry about the lack of photos. I should have some uploaded pretty soon. Have a wonderful week!



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