Jumping on the PR Train

I read a review of this book in April Elle US and have added it to my list of books to read this summer! It’s by Derek Blasberg who believes that his book can help young women to be classy and behave like true ladies. (I also really like the cover). I’m expecting it to be saucy and tart since he lives in New York and all, but we’ll see. I’ve always been interested in culture and class. I’m actually taking a class this semester called Capitalism and Culture which combines happenings in popular culture with their real world counterparts and meanings. It comes out April 6th and is under $12 on amazon.com.

P.s. Just found out that he’ll be having a book signing in St. Louis on the 17th!! I’m ordering my copy…right now =)

Didn’t realize this song was already ‘old’

I first heard and fell in love with this song on High Society, as it is their theme song. I don’t really follow One Republic but I do have to admit that it’s pretty catchy. Enjoy!


In Search of

Honestly, besides when engaging in sporting adventures, I don’t wear sneakers/tennis shoes. However, I came across these Steve Madden boat shoes at a Nordstrom in Chicago and fell in love! The down side is that they are uncomfortably light and will probably fall apart after 3 wears; thus I did not buy them. Also, they’re fake Sperry Topsiders, which isn’t cool. Anyone know if Sperry or any other shoe company has boat shoes in this coral color? I’d be forever grateful!


Color of the Summer

I’d show you the color on my nails, however I have several interviews coming up and need my hands to look more “professional”. I wore this color last summer and definitely feel that it is time for a repeat.


Sunshine and Flowers

I think my new warm weather activity is biking through F. Park with my boyfriend. We used to go last summer and it’s finally gotten warm enough for us to go again. The only bad thing is that I’m totally out of bike riding shape!

I got this dress (it has pockets!!!) and belt while shopping at Urban Outfitters in Chicago and the glasses are by Dita. Silly pose, I know, but you get the idea.

On another note, I think last night may have ruined Gossip Girl for me. I don’t think I’ll be watching the show anymore. It’s just gotten too crazy for me!