Update + MIA

So unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish the book Classy, and wasn’t able to go to the book signing two Saturdays ago. I’ll be very very  busy, as school wraps up and my posts will become less frequent. But check back this weekend! I have a lot of new post ideas in mind!!



New Prep

I decided to mix things up a bit with some more masculine pieces. Though you can’t see it, I’m wearing a brown braided skinny belt. The jeans are my only pair of non-skinny jeans; they’re by Rock and Republic (who recently filed for bankruptcy!). The bag is by Longchamp.


Ok Go!

My sister and I used to make these all the time when we were younger, but they were never this complex! Here’s an amazing video with an inspirational message. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


Mixing Patterns

Though it’s subtle, this is my first attempt at mixing patterns. The scarf contains peace signs and the shirt is full of polka dots! Hopefully I’ll also be successful in mixing prints. That may take a bit more thought though.


Going Natural

I decided to keep my colors muted and earthy today. The jeans are BDG and are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever purchased. They’re amazing!


Apartment Decor





I’ve been having so much fun searching for inspiration both online and in magazines such as Dwell. Check out these amazing design blogs!


Men’s Fashion Blogs

Here’s my latest article for my column. I had so much fun researching men’s fashion blogs. I found some good ones and I hope you will agree!


To be honest, I have not really paid considerable attention to men’s fashion, but I do know (and many other people know this as well) that there is nothing more spectacular and eye-catching than a well-dressed man. On that note, I‘ve compiled a mini-review of some of the most popular men’s fashion blogs to help you get on the right path.

Valet Mag
This Web site is definitely a must-read. The minimalist layout and neatly organized sections keep readers relaxed as they peruse the site. If you recall, a valet is a man’s personal attendant; thus, this online magazine works to serve as your firsthand guide. The style section includes product reviews, updates on fashion trends, information on sales at popular men’s stores and a how-to segment for adopting some of these trends and caring for your shoes. Personal style isn’t just about what you wear, however, and the editors of this magazine recognize that. The Handbook section is a complete guide to men’s auxiliary needs, to help take you to the next level. There’s a review of cars, grooming products, travel and vacation sites, etiquette, music and personal care. If all of these guides and aids aren’t enough, the Ask Valet section is the most unique feature; readers around the world pose questions to these supposed men’s style experts and receive answers within 24 hours.

Check it out at www.valetmag.com [1].

The Urban Gentleman
Are you inspired by tastemakers like Kanye West, David Beckham and Andre 3000? If so, I’ve found the perfect blog for you. According to the founding editor, “The Urban Gentleman is the modern gentleman. He is a man of style, class, culture and of course he has a bit of swag.” The main sources of style inspiration for this blog are magazine editorials and runway shots. Trends are derived from these and tips are given on how to incorporate these trends into your own wardrobe.

My favorite feature of the site is the snapshot of a “local urban gentleman,” a street style section. As with Valet Mag, The Urban Gentleman also understands that men need advice on how to maintain their clothes and appearances. The Urban Gentleman’s Grooming Routine includes advice for what men should be doing daily, nightly and weekly to look and feel their best.
Check it out at www.theurbangent.com [2].

The Sartorialist
This isn’t simply a men’s fashion blog; it also features stylish women. It is a must for guys like you who are seeking inspiration, however. Scott Schuman, famed photographer of this very popular Web site, travels the world photographing extremely stylish people on the streets. A former fashion industry professional, his eye for style is very acute and he shares his findings with his millions of readers daily. In fact, his site was included in Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers.

His sartorial list includes the best places for tailoring, dry cleaning and shoe repair in top fashion cities such as New York, Milan and Paris. This blog is best for those who don’t like reading the opinions of others and truly believe that a picture says a thousand words.
Check it out at www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com [3].

-Stay Stylish!