Guess What I Got…

So I posted these pumps from Aldo sometime ago, perhaps on a wishlist. They’re advertised for $90.

But last week I was at DSW and found these Steve Madden peep-toe nude platform pumps (aka SM Karro Patent Pump) for sale at $36 and decided to get them. I figured the Aldo pumps, even on sale, wouldn’t sell for this low (the SM ones were originally $60).

The natural daylight sort of distorts the color of the pumps, but they are a darker “nude” color, which I feel is more complimentary to my skin tone. They still have the same platform effect, but they’re peep-toe, which is new for me (I used to say I’d never buy peep-toe shows, ever). This color is perfect for spring/summer and I plan on wearing them for many occasions (work or play). Hopefully when I get the rest of my wardrobe back from storage (I flew home with about 4 v-necks and 3 jeans, so I haven’t been exactly fashionable since I’ve been home), I can experiment with outfits and post them here. So excited!


In need of inspiration

I’ve been feeling rather un-inspired lately; perhaps due to the number of important decisions I’ve had to make this week,  my excitement to begin my summer work next week, or the simple fact that I’ve been sleeping like it’s nobody’s business ever since I came home from final exams. I haven’t finished Classy yet (my storage won’t be delivered until 2 weeks from now), but I was able to pick up another book: Bergdorf Blondes. I have to say, my taste in literature is quite eclectic. I like serious non-fiction books that help you advance your career, health or personal relationships, then I like fiction books about society, class, the good life (my boyfriend hates when I read these), then I like mystery books (Agatha Christie’s my favorite author for this genre). Bergdorf Blondes isn’t a book that I’d recommend, since I have a bit of a hard time relating to the main characters. They’re beyond superficial, but I’ll finish it anyway, maybe I can learn from their mistakes?

Update: the main characters seem to come full circle (get some common sense, and become a tad more down to earth and insightful) while maintaining a bit of their ditziness.

Anyway, I’m going apartment shopping this week and am definitely looking forward to finding some good deals. I’ve just about searched every crevice on Ikea’s website and hopefully my parents will take me there in the next few days. I’m also still working on a color scheme. I’m thinking of playing with these colors:





The colors that I’m definitely sure about are white and espresso. I want a white bed and for all of my furniture to be a rich, dark espresso brown color, almost black. I’m not sure about the cerulean or orange, and these colors can be changed. I found these chairs online though, that I might want to buy:

These blue chairs will go in the kitchen. Then I was thinking about two arm chairs for a “conversation” area, but don’t know if I want them to be more architectural and modern or upholstered.

I love this buttery brown Barcelona two-seater. Very modern and chic (my sister thinks it looks like a futon, but I disagree.) I could use this color instead of orange. But I don’t know.

Surprisingly, getting the same chair in white is cheaper, but dealing with white leather may be too much maintenance for me!

This is the bed I want. So far I scored two 300ct Calvin Klein down feather pillows for $15 each (sooo comfy!). Now I’ve got to get some sheets and a down comforter.


Work and Play…Michael Kors Bag

So I really want this Michael Kors bag. I posted it in my wishlist and bookmarked it on my laptop. My goal is to own it by the end of the summer. For now, I’ll simply dream up what I would wear with it. What do you think about the outfits?


Summer Goals-Working Out

This week I tried the new Elle Make  Better workouts (yoga and cardio) starring model Brooklyn Decker. I first saw the ads in Elle and thought the idea of doing a workout supposedly done by models would be a great way to get physical without getting too bulky. Also, based on looking at fashion spreads with models in weird positions, I figured their yoga lessons must be doing something right because those poses are sometimes really hard!

Anyway, the workouts took about 1 hour total and left me feeling like I worked on muscles that I tend to ignore, which is very good. The next day, however, I felt energized in the morning, and then very heavy and lethargic at night. Maybe I’m just getting sick (I’ve had the sniffles and have been sneezing a lot) or I’m simply out of shape (hey it’s been a while), but I’d prefer to feel light as a butterfly the day after an intense workout.

The good thing is, my back feels very toned, which is a place that many women neglect or just don’t know how to approach. Below is the link for the workouts:

Brooklyn Decker Elle Workout


Copy Cat

This video shows what happened to fake Louboutins perhaps found in a factory or street market. Obviously, someone doesn’t like it and I personally don’t think producing replicas is totally fair, from a moral standpoint. I wrote an article last year about my experience with fakes (quick recap: got some fake Chanel sunglasses in middle school; felt really bad about it and tried to rub off the logo; ended up throwing them away), but am also aware of legitimate fakes. In the book, How to Be a Budget Fashionista by blogger Kathryn Finney, H&M, Club Monaco and a few other popular stores are called out for reproducing the works and creations of other fashion designers. But isn’t this what mass-market fashion is all about?In fact, don’t private labels in stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom (I love all of these stores and many of their private labels), send their own design teams out to see what’s hot and replicate it for the masses? In my article, I concluded that I would simply save up for the real thing and do without if I couldn’t afford it.

What do you think?

Would you ever buy or wear an obvious fake?



My favorite Resort 2010 looks.



BCBG Max Azria

Temperly London

Rachel Roy


P.s.What do you think about the minimalist trend for summer?

Fashion Show

A couple of weeks ago (right before exams) I walked in a show by the Fashion Design majors at my school. It was a lot of fun though rehearsal lasted for 7 hours. I had the most awesome designers and luckily all of the models were nice!



Look who’s coming back! It’s been a while. I’m definitely glad I’ll soon be hearing more on the radio than Lady Gaga or Ke$ha. I feel like I can listen to this song over and over again and it not get old and I’m pumped to see what else will come out! What do you think? Will you buy her new album in July?


To Do List

Anyone who’s ever been around me for at least a day knows how much I love to write down all of the tasks I wish to accomplish in the near future. Now that exams are over, I can take time to BREATHE, refresh, sleep and make summer to do lists like this one:

Here’s what I hope to accomplish in the next four months:

1. Yoga and cardio daily, tennis on the weekends-I am thinking of doing the cardio in the morning as a way to get energized and the yoga at night, to cool down. Also, I need a good excuse to buy new workout shoes, cute tennis skirts and a yoga mat. Hopefully, combined with my biking, these forms of exercise will get me in shape before school resumes in the fall. This could help with booking more fashion shows as well!

2. Go to church at least once a week. I need to do this, for me.

3. Get an internship or some valuable work experience. This is for my professional life. I recently had some cover letters looked over by a Career Advisor in my school. She was very helpful and has re-energized my search.

4. Read 8 books or more this summer. 16 weeks, roughly two books a week, I think I can handle it. The first will be Classy (I never got to finish since exams consumed my life). I’m also going to finally read Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It was assigned for one of my classes last year, but I never got a round to finishing it.

5. Decorate my apartment. I’m so excited to begin! I’ve been bookmarking pieces and furniture on my laptop. I would love to create a multi-layer print piece like this one from CB2.

6. Travel- I’m thinking about NYC (I’ve never been before) or a return trip to Chicago. Either way, I need a true vacation (with lots of shopping of course!)

7. Sell my old textbooks. They’re currently taking up too much space in storage and I would love for them to find a happy home.

8.Grow out  my hair. I would love to have hair that’s longer than shoulder length. I finally narrowed down all of my hair products to 3 conditioners, 1 shampoo, 1 leave in conditioner, 1 natural oil product, 1 flexible hold spray and 1 heat tamer. I think that’s pretty good. I’ve also decided to be more regular with my trims and to be nicer to my hair.

9. Buy and wear more heels. I love heels, but I haven’t always been able to wear them since there are so many places with cobblestone sidewalks, and the bill to fix a pair of heels adds up quickly if multiple are damaged. I found a guide to replacing heel caps and intend to buy the supplies this summer.

10. Throw a dinner party. I’ve always wanted to do this! Now that I have a kitchen, and will be acquiring a Sam’s Card from the parentals, I’m definitely looking forward to cooking more and throwing a party.

What are you planning on doing this summer?


Work + Play

I’m ready for the summer and for fun! But I’m also ready to get valuable experience OUTSIDE of the classroom! I decided to find inspiration photos to help me shop!



More play than work? I think so!