To Do List

Anyone who’s ever been around me for at least a day knows how much I love to write down all of the tasks I wish to accomplish in the near future. Now that exams are over, I can take time to BREATHE, refresh, sleep and make summer to do lists like this one:

Here’s what I hope to accomplish in the next four months:

1. Yoga and cardio daily, tennis on the weekends-I am thinking of doing the cardio in the morning as a way to get energized and the yoga at night, to cool down. Also, I need a good excuse to buy new workout shoes, cute tennis skirts and a yoga mat. Hopefully, combined with my biking, these forms of exercise will get me in shape before school resumes in the fall. This could help with booking more fashion shows as well!

2. Go to church at least once a week. I need to do this, for me.

3. Get an internship or some valuable work experience. This is for my professional life. I recently had some cover letters looked over by a Career Advisor in my school. She was very helpful and has re-energized my search.

4. Read 8 books or more this summer. 16 weeks, roughly two books a week, I think I can handle it. The first will be Classy (I never got to finish since exams consumed my life). I’m also going to finally read Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It was assigned for one of my classes last year, but I never got a round to finishing it.

5. Decorate my apartment. I’m so excited to begin! I’ve been bookmarking pieces and furniture on my laptop. I would love to create a multi-layer print piece like this one from CB2.

6. Travel- I’m thinking about NYC (I’ve never been before) or a return trip to Chicago. Either way, I need a true vacation (with lots of shopping of course!)

7. Sell my old textbooks. They’re currently taking up too much space in storage and I would love for them to find a happy home.

8.Grow out  my hair. I would love to have hair that’s longer than shoulder length. I finally narrowed down all of my hair products to 3 conditioners, 1 shampoo, 1 leave in conditioner, 1 natural oil product, 1 flexible hold spray and 1 heat tamer. I think that’s pretty good. I’ve also decided to be more regular with my trims and to be nicer to my hair.

9. Buy and wear more heels. I love heels, but I haven’t always been able to wear them since there are so many places with cobblestone sidewalks, and the bill to fix a pair of heels adds up quickly if multiple are damaged. I found a guide to replacing heel caps and intend to buy the supplies this summer.

10. Throw a dinner party. I’ve always wanted to do this! Now that I have a kitchen, and will be acquiring a Sam’s Card from the parentals, I’m definitely looking forward to cooking more and throwing a party.

What are you planning on doing this summer?



6 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. that’s a good summer list right there, I need to do one now. G, definitely come out to NYC and we can hang out. I have a couple of questions I hope you do not mind answering. do you do any modelling on the side? and your heels, where do you usually purchase them? thanks

  2. Ah that would be so cool!! Yes, I do model on the side, but only runway stuff, so I don’t have that much experience in front of the camera =(.
    I wear size 11 shoes (boo) so I usually look at Aldo, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Macy’s sometimes!


    • no way i’m a size 11 too,where have you been all my life?, I understand the frustrations of shoe buying, seeing that pair of cute shoes only to find that size 11 is unavailable. but seriously, if you can come down to the city that would be awesome, we can do some serious shopping

      • Hahaha sweet! Yeah none of my friends understand my shoe obsession (the good ones are so hard to find, so I always have to be on the hunt lol). That would be so much fun!

  3. Hey thanks for the link!! I’m going to be cooking this summer/upcoming school year and definitely want to get educated before I create grocery shopping lists and search for recipes.


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