Copy Cat

This video shows what happened to fake Louboutins perhaps found in a factory or street market. Obviously, someone doesn’t like it and I personally don’t think producing replicas is totally fair, from a moral standpoint. I wrote an article last year about my experience with fakes (quick recap: got some fake Chanel sunglasses in middle school; felt really bad about it and tried to rub off the logo; ended up throwing them away), but am also aware of legitimate fakes. In the book, How to Be a Budget Fashionista by blogger Kathryn Finney, H&M, Club Monaco and a few other popular stores are called out for reproducing the works and creations of other fashion designers. But isn’t this what mass-market fashion is all about?In fact, don’t private labels in stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom (I love all of these stores and many of their private labels), send their own design teams out to see what’s hot and replicate it for the masses? In my article, I concluded that I would simply save up for the real thing and do without if I couldn’t afford it.

What do you think?

Would you ever buy or wear an obvious fake?


2 thoughts on “Copy Cat

  1. i read an article on the same topic about a few weeks ago and there was a range of opinions on the issue. as for me, i’m fine with inspired pieces like what you would find as you said in macy’s and nordstrom but i absolutely cannot stand fakes. i would feel really dishonest toting around a fake and would rather save up to buy the actual piece, or make what you have work for you. plus one has to think of the designers, i wouldn’t like it if someone knocked off my work.

  2. I feel like it’s kind of impossible to completely avoid fakes or imitations, since the cheaper stores do make more affordable versions of designer pieces. Personally I think wearing imitations is okay if they aren’t blatant copies of well-known pieces. But I mean, there are some imitations that you just can’t copy, like Chanel earrings and Chucks. You know. And if you wear them..that’s just obvious.

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