Summer Goals-Working Out

This week I tried the new Elle Make  Better workouts (yoga and cardio) starring model Brooklyn Decker. I first saw the ads in Elle and thought the idea of doing a workout supposedly done by models would be a great way to get physical without getting too bulky. Also, based on looking at fashion spreads with models in weird positions, I figured their yoga lessons must be doing something right because those poses are sometimes really hard!

Anyway, the workouts took about 1 hour total and left me feeling like I worked on muscles that I tend to ignore, which is very good. The next day, however, I felt energized in the morning, and then very heavy and lethargic at night. Maybe I’m just getting sick (I’ve had the sniffles and have been sneezing a lot) or I’m simply out of shape (hey it’s been a while), but I’d prefer to feel light as a butterfly the day after an intense workout.

The good thing is, my back feels very toned, which is a place that many women neglect or just don’t know how to approach. Below is the link for the workouts:

Brooklyn Decker Elle Workout


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