My First (Paid) Job in the Industry

So, I got my first normal job! I started working in retail this summer, which has taught me many things, but I’ll only share a few:

1. How to be a cleaner customer. I’m constantly picking up clothing and debris during my job, so I tend to find myself picking up after other shoppers when I’m out with friends. Then I remind myself to stop, but I realize how annoying it is when shoppers don’t clean up after themselves.

2. How to be a nicer customer. Let’s face it, sales associates have a hard job. I’ve had some very odd customers, and others which seemed like they need to be tranquilized. Being on the other side of shopping has shown me to kinder and more sympathetic to sales people, and in fact, anyone in customer service (waiters and waitresses, etc). There are the long hours spent standing up and the smile we must put on when new customers arrive. It’s all no easy feat. Going through it myself has taught me to be more appreciative. They’re trying their best.

3. Never buy things full price. Well, everyone knows this, but observing how quickly prices change, on sale one day, full price the next, I am more aware of how the prices of pieces designed by my favorite labels change, which helps me to be a better consumer. More money for me =)

Have you or your friends had any life-changing experiences working in retail?



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