Review of Classy

The first thing that drew me to the book was the title. I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen as classy and well put together? The book is divided up into sections that mostly cover all the things a classy girl needs to know: how to throw a party, travel, dress, be a good friend, etc. I loved most (not all) of the sections and felt that despite his connections and experience in the fashion industry, author Blasberg came across as humble and grateful for his mid-western upbringing and experiences. There are many suggestions of good movies to see, music to download for different occasions, books to read while traveling (no more gossip magazines!), and even a list of famous artists with whom a classy girl must become familiar. Throughout the book, Blasberg quotes just about everyone, from Plato to Chanel to Daniel in the Bible, which was very unexpected, but nevertheless, refreshing. Thus, I would recommend borrowing this book from a friend. Every time I re-read a section, I learn something new; like how to be a better hostess or things to look for when shopping for wardrobe staples.  However, I wish it were a hardback.


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