Summer TV

I barely have time to sleep, or blog, but I’ve been watching these shows this summer and want to know what everyone else is into.

The City, MTV

Who: Whitney, Erin Kaplan from Elle, Roxy Olin, Olivia Plamero, Kelly Catrone, Joe Zee

What: California girl moves to New York to start a new life, while working various jobs in the fashion industry.

Why: I haven’t been to New York before, but I find it a very intriguing city, thus, anytime a show is located in NY, I’ll probably be watching it, unless it’s CSI or something serious like that. Also, I love watching shows like this just to see what the characters wear. I know it’s supposed to be “reality” but whatever, I don’t buy into that.

When: on my laptop ( on Wednesdays (it airs on Tuesdays at 10pm EST)

9 by Design, Bravo

**I know it’s not on tv anymore, but it’s a great show!**

Who:  The Novogratz’s

What: Parents of 7 live the lives of  modern-day hippies, flipping houses (crazily amazingly beautiful houses) every so often and handles the stress of finding work and raising kids.

Why: They have really great taste and I love their design aesthetic. I get so much inspiration just watching how they pair furniture and shop for home decor. This is probably one of my favorite design shows, mostly because of their style and location (NYC!)

When: whenever I want (,

One show I’m not watching: The Bachelorette. Sure I loved Ali in the Bachelor, but after her season with Jake, I lost hope in the show. I think it’s rigged. But he wasn’t cute anyway.

What are you watching?



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