Harper’s Bazaar

22 year old Harley Viera- Newton was featured in Harper’s Bazaar for her fashion sense. Harper’s is big on showcasing fashion by age group and these two have been featured in other fashion publications, so I thought it was cool to see them again. Harley’s a student at NYU and a DJ for Dior Beauty. She’s a huge fan of Tom Bins and claims him as a style icon. I love that she mostly wears dresses and skirts!

Editor at Large for Pop Magazine, Shala Monroque (of St. Lucia), was also profiled. Here you can catch a glimpse of her style aesthetic, as she is very drawn to bright colors and bold prints. She’s been featured on the Sartorialist, in Essense Magazine, on WhoWhatWear, and plenty of other popular fashion sites and magazines. She also has really amazing skin!

she also has a blog, which I peruse every now and then, especially on dark rainy days.



2 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Hi G, I love both ladies’ style but I love harley’s more i had never heard of her before. about the title i can;t really think of anything, i like this title

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