First Day of Classes

Surprisingly a quick and sunny day. Saw many of my friends who weren’t in town over the summer.

Dress: Urban Outiftters

Belt: Kimchi Blue

Bag: Michael Kors

Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell

Glasses: Dita


In a New York Minute

And I still have many more pictures! I went to NYC for the first time this weekend and was truly impressed. I felt very honored to be in the city I’ve always read about or watched on tv. Though I didn’t get to spend as much time exploring as I would have liked, I definitely think I got to experience the real deal. I stayed in Midtown Manhattan but went downtown to Gramercy to do a bit of shopping, explored Times Square, rode the subway quite a few times, got hit on by homeless guys, got asked by a tarot reader to have my palms read, hyperventilated in the subway (there’s no ac!), ate at a few delis, paid a buttload for a cab, got caught in torrential rains without an umbrella, ran into a cool bookstore for shelter, ending up at a hotel in Queens, saw a cross-dresser walk in a leather leotard and fierce pumps and ultimately only bought 3 things. But I did enjoy the variety and diversity of people and fashion styles New York has to offer. It’s really refreshing to see that there’s more than just black or white. I also enjoyed the small neighborhood shops that seemed to be a staple downtown.

Next time, I hope to finally see Central Park, find more random boutiques, go to a vintage store, go to a concert, not get rained on or lost and have a real NY dinner!

I’ll be going back later this semester and I can’t wait!


I got the bag!

I finally got the Michael Kors Large “Hamilton” bag in Luggage! I’ve wanted this bag ever since it came out in the spring. Its classic shape reminds me of an Hermes Birkin bag in some ways, and I definitely see myself using it for years to come! It holds everything without looking sloppy. I realized I’m becoming a Michael Kors girl. First the flats, then the watch, now the bag…interesting.


African Fashion

I spotted this dress in a few colors, on sale for $42, on I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. As an African, it seemed a bit weird to see my traditional clothes fashioned and sold by non-Africans. I’d probably feel the same way if I were Indian and saw that saris were now being mass-produced. I know the “tribal” trend has been hot for a while now, but is this going to far? Or is it simply another case of copying higher-end designers, such as Duro Olowu or those from South African ¬†fashion week?

Fall Boots

Sam Edelman, $225

Aldo, $150

Jeffrey Campbell, $175

Jeffrey Campbell, $205

Aldo, $100


Alexander McQueen, $1495

Ps. the last two were just for kicks! Anyway, I’m looking for versatile “ankle” boots, to wear in the fall. I would probably wear them with dresses, skirt, and skinnies. Which one would you choose?


New Chromeo!

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them , but they have a new single out, Don’t Turn the Lights On, so I thought I’d share the video. This video’s actually kind of scary!