In a New York Minute

And I still have many more pictures! I went to NYC for the first time this weekend and was truly impressed. I felt very honored to be in the city I’ve always read about or watched on tv. Though I didn’t get to spend as much time exploring as I would have liked, I definitely think I got to experience the real deal. I stayed in Midtown Manhattan but went downtown to Gramercy to do a bit of shopping, explored Times Square, rode the subway quite a few times, got hit on by homeless guys, got asked by a tarot reader to have my palms read, hyperventilated in the subway (there’s no ac!), ate at a few delis, paid a buttload for a cab, got caught in torrential rains without an umbrella, ran into a cool bookstore for shelter, ending up at a hotel in Queens, saw a cross-dresser walk in a leather leotard and fierce pumps and ultimately only bought 3 things. But I did enjoy the variety and diversity of people and fashion styles New York has to offer. It’s really refreshing to see that there’s more than just black or white. I also enjoyed the small neighborhood shops that seemed to be a staple downtown.

Next time, I hope to finally see Central Park, find more random boutiques, go to a vintage store, go to a concert, not get rained on or lost and have a real NY dinner!

I’ll be going back later this semester and I can’t wait!



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