My Article on the Men of Style Event

A Fashionable Affair

Last Thursday, hundreds gathered at the Saks Fifth Avenue at Plaza Frontenac to honor five very fashionable men for their impeccable sense of style.

The ALIVE Magazine Men of Style event drew a crowd of well-heeled men and women in the know for a night of socializing and shopping. A portion of the money guests spent was donated to Food Outreach, a local food pantry that helps those affected by HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Later in the evening, guests were invited to watch a fashion show organized by Saks’ men’s fashion director, Eric Jennings, who flew in from New York City. The show’s theme was based on various occasions in a man’s life and featured men’s fall trends such as mixed prints, grays and khakis, Doc Martin-esque boots, burgundy and wine jewel tones, and a subtle sparkle for men. And of course, every look was sleek, chic and layered.

The dapper Jennings mentioned a few times throughout the night, however, that he would rather not focus on trends, but on style instead. What he’s into could be described as a combination of mid-’60s JFK, or a kind of “Mad Men” style, with flares of Steven McQueen and Paul Newman. He said that he enjoys “an international classic look,” which, in my opinion, is something that can never go out of style.

This annual event celebrated the style of current St. Louis residents. Among those being honored were A.J. Thouvenot and Joseph “Jay” Perez.

Thouvenot, a “Project Runway” Season 8 alumnus, was quoted in ALIVE saying, “[Lady] Gaga is making it tough for designers; it’s getting harder and harder to be original.” He currently works as a designer and has a women’s clothing line entitled TrashBiscuit that showed at Saint Louis Fashion Week this fall.

The line’s out-there colors and reliance on tulle and volume are reminiscent of Thouvenot’s former collaboration with design duo Heatherette. His look for the evening reflected some of this fall’s hottest trends, including a gray scale look with punk/military inspired bits and pieces here and there. For him, “style is not what you choose to wear but how you choose to wear it.”

Perez, an attorney by trade, hails from Puerto Rico and credits his grandmother for his sense of style. “[She] was a seamstress and taught me about proper fit,” he said after the fashion show—and it showed.

His outfit for the night included very well-fitted jeans and a button-down with some Versace thrown into the mix. His favorite places to shop include Club Monaco, Zara, Bloomingdale’s and Saks.

I asked him if he could be one piece of clothing, what would he choose and why? His response: a simple corduroy blazer, because they’re so versatile and can complete any look. He added that his everyday style is very classically American, à la Ralph Lauren, and that he’s definitely a jeans kind of guy.

-Stay Stylish



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