New For You: Jessie J, Ellie Goulding, and Florence + The Machine

Lately I’ve been super into music from the UK, and these lovely ladies have been on nearly constant repeat since I first heard each of them.

Do it Like a Dude (explicit):

Jessie J penned that  megahit “Party in the USA” for herself, but then gave it to Miley…and I’m so glad she did because her single “Do It Like A Dude” is a lot better in my opinion–dirty, grimy, and about 50 times more likely to get stuck in your head because of it. Way better than “What’s My Name” by Whatshername…

Guns + Horses

For those of you who enjoy a more saccharine sound, enter Ellie Goulding. Her debut album Lights dropped in March, so I admit I’m late to the party for this one. I  first heard her when I stumbled upon her cover of  Bon Iver’s “Wolves” and have to admit that I actually like her version more.

Cosmic Love

Last but definitely not least is Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. She’s not really new either but she has seriously blown up stateside as of late, and I’ve been listening to Lungs all semester (thanks, R.!). She performed at the VMAs earlier this year and was on SNL this past weekend. Her powerful voice and melancholy lyrics combined with the delicate harp and thudding drumbeats that she so favors literally caused tears to spring into my eyes when I first heard this song. Just beautiful. I’ve got to see her live.

Some might say that they’re just Top 40 from across the pond, but I still love their music because they’ve actually got AMAZING voices and write most of their own songs! Call it an introduction: if you think you like the vids I’ve posted, check out more of their music on YouTube, iTunes, and GrooveShark.



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