Latest Fashion Article: Staying Stylish in the Snow

I’ll preface this by saying that even I haven’t been the best example of chic style during the winter months. Though you’ll never find me in the sweatpants-and-Ugg-boot uniform (sorry if that’s your thing), I haven’t exactly made any effort to look stylish. One could almost say that the winter months have caused many of us on campus to forget about fashion. Fortunately, there’s still hope. To get us back on the style-conscious track, I’ve found some solutions we can use to solve our winter clothing issues. Generally speaking, I believe that there are two main approaches to winter dressing: wearing thick, cozy pieces or combining thinner pieces for a layered look.

Issue 1: My feet are cold, but I’m too busy to go shopping!

Typically, for this kind of weather, ski socks and waterproof, fur-lined boots are ideal, especially those sold by manufacturers from colder parts of the world. However, some of us may not have purchased a month’s worth of socks from REI and the latest Sorel boots from their winter catalog. If this is you, don’t fret. But don’t step outside in just your ballet flats or moccasins and think you’ll be OK. Hopefully, as a Washington University student, you have a pair of rain boots in your closet. This is a great starting point. To stay warm, consider layering on pairs of socks and wearing legwarmers underneath your boots. Don’t have legwarmers? Get creative and use the sleeves of an old sweater or shirt that’s unsalvageable. Since these layers will be covered by your sleek boots, no one will ever have to know what you’re wearing to beat the cold. Also, many of the items your winter wardrobe is lacking will be on sale around mid-March, so stock up before graduation!

Issue 2: What can I wear to keep my legs warm?

Rather than add bulk to your winter look by wearing sweatpants, take the layering approach, and wear your old leggings or thermal pants underneath skinny pants or slim jeans. If you decide it’s warm enough to wear a dress—or you’re just in the mood—switch out your opaque nylon tights for solid wool to give you the same general look while keeping you cozy. Another solution is to buy a longer jacket, preferably one that covers your thighs. This will help mitigate the adverse effects of wind and keep your legs protected from the elements.

Issue 3: I’m tired of wearing boring colors for three months!

It’s extremely easy to fall into a rut of wearing black, camel and gray while there are always clouds in the sky. However, the great thing about winter dressing is the variety of accessories one can purchase and wear. Add touches of color to your look through printed scarves, colored gloves, tribal-patterned knits, fun hats and colored school bags. Depending on your taste, prints and patterns such as chevron and paisley may be the way to go. If you’re not a print person, solid-colored items in jewel tones such as mulberry or royal blue are a great alternative. Find whatever works for you, but check to make sure that the colors and patterns you choose are appropriate for the season. A rule of thumb for colder months is to trend toward more saturated colors.

-Stay Stylish

Black + Grey

I’m most certainly ready for spring. I’ve been trying to phase into brighter colors, but it’s difficult when there’s still snow on the ground. Grey seems to be the safest way for me.


Ps. I’ve also got to start ironing my clothes

Not Going Away

School’s been occupying my time, along with social events, thus, I haven’t been posting as regularly as usual. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things.


Latest Fashion Column Article: Top Trends to Incorporate into Your Spring Wardrobe

Like many of you, I can’t wait for winter to be over and for the temperature to rise a bit. However, before the season changes, it’s important to plan ahead and be on the lookout for the most trendsetting items that will keep you looking amazing this spring. Fortunately, designers showcase spring trends very far in advance, and I’ve created an outline of the top trends and a guide to including them in your warmer-weather wardrobe.


J. Crew Spring ’11

One of the hottest colors for this season (aside from Pantone’s official 2011 color of the year—honeysuckle) is, surprisingly, one that many find difficult to pull off. Fortunately, designers Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and Cynthia Rowley provide many options for wearing orange. Intimidated by the thought of a monochromatic orange look? Consider purchasing one orange item such as a clutch, bangle or belt to add some color to an otherwise neutral-toned outfit. Also remember that the shade of orange you select should complement your skin tone. Jenna Lyons and the design team at J. Crew showcased many shades of this fun, punchy color including beeswax—a tangerine shade, and coral rose, which is a shade resembling an orange fruit.

’60s Mod

Tibi Spring ’11

Tibi could be considered this season’s ambassador for the re-emergence of the ’60s mod look. With thigh-grazing hemlines and décolletage-covering necklines, Tibi’s models are the epitome of clean, classic ’60s chic. In addition to presenting sheath dresses and skirts with fuller bottoms, Tibi is also showing a streamlined skinny pant, which can be worn with tunic tops. This sleek alternative to basic blue jeans is usually cuffed mid-calf or below the calf muscle, and variations of this new bottom can be purchased at Urban Outfitters in the Saint Louis Galleria.

The Return of the ’70s

Marc Jacobs Spring ’11

Even more prominent than the ’60s trend is the return of basically every trend from the 1970s. Many designers seem to agree that this spring leaves no room for tight skinny jeans—although I’ll still be wearing mine this season. From psychedelic prints by Emilio Pucci and Diane Von Furstenburg to the over-the-top floppy hats shown on the runways of Tracy Reese and Marc Jacobs, the ’70s have returned in a big way. Accessories dominating this trend include turbans, featured by Duro Olowu and Jason Wu in black-and-white graphic prints and regatta, respectively; pendant necklaces by Tracy Reese; big hoop earrings from Tory Burch and retro sunglasses from Marc Jacobs.

Clothing-wise, substitute your skinnies for tailored wide-leg pants, and pair them with a tucked-in casual neutral tank, retro sunglasses and a pendant necklace à la ADAM. Also, swap out your stiff button-down shirts for those made with lighter fabrics and that include a low bow neckline. Another outfit idea is to pair oversized thin hoop earrings with a turban and a long bohemian dress. Fringe, brown leather in all shades, bold colors, graphic pin stripes and touches of suede can help you further incorporate the ’70s trend into your spring wardrobe. The key to pulling off this dominant trend is to avoid overload.

The Minimalist

Victoria Beckham Spring ’11, all photos from

If your style is more 1990s Calvin Klein than 1970s bohemian butterfly, then the minimalist trend is your new best friend. New York Fashion Week newbie Victoria Beckham debuted with blush tones, simple sheaths and sleek handbags, which all take notes from the minimalist look. The key details to consider when incorporating this trend are simple and sleek cuts and fabrics like those used by Celine.

Other things that will incite the minimalist chic aesthetic include a looser fit in clothing, monochromatism, slight androgyny and very few accessories. Though white and black are the top colors for this trend, Ports 1961 designers have also used tan and an array of textures and fabrics in black or white to achieve this look. This trend works best for those with long, lean, angular figures.

-Stay Stylish!

Where in the World is…


I was such a huge fan when she came out with her own music, but I haven’t heard anything new in a pretty long time.


I really do hope she makes a comeback!


Make Me Up

I decided to post my first attempt at non-boring makeup. It’s still snowing and my parents don’t think it’s safe for me to drive around to get supplies. So I stayed in and decided to play dress up my face. Unfortunately, I don’t have nice brushes and my shadow’s pretty old, but this is what I came up with! (hoping to acquire better brushes and learn how to blend)

I have this hoodie on to remind me to go work out today. I’ve been doing dance (zumba, hip hop, salsa) workouts on Exercise TV =)


Beauty School

Ok I’ll admit. I used to be the world’s biggest tomboy. Shocked? I hated jewelry, dresses, heels, ruffles and everything girly. Including makeup. Though I don’t wear much today, I think it’s important that I know how to apply makeup and know which products work best with my skin. (I have parties, dinners and interviews to attend this semester!) . The hardest things about youtube guides are that many of the ladies just seem to be wearing too much makeup or just have really tacky senses of style.

I spent the past three days in a virtual crash course on makeup (Well I’ve kind of been snowed in for the past few days anyway). Ultimately, I found these two makeup gurus that I think you should check out!


Blog  (source of photos)

YouTube Page

Why she’s awesome: She’s a 20 yr old university student who’s part African (yay!), has a similar skin type as me (ie. oily), speaks very clearly in her tutorials, has amazing hair and has a nice sense of style.



YouTube Page

Why she’s awesome: She has a very down-to-earth personality, a similar skin type as mine (oily and large pores), and she’s got the best feature for makeup in my opinion (lips and eyelid shape)!

I will definitely be checking them out on a pretty regular basis. Now I’m off to the mall and drugstore to prep my beauty bag before the semester starts.


Interior Inspiration

One of my resolutions this year is to finish decorating my studio. I’ve been so inspired by these photos and can’t wait to start shopping!

Elle Decor

Photos from La Dolce Vita

Apartment Therapy

Desire to Inspire

Made By Girl




West Elm

Z Gallerie


Ps. I also finished another AC mystery book today!



Who ever styled this cover shot totally deserves a raise! Gisele looks so fresh, youthful and absolutely stunning on the cover of the February issue of Vogue China.

The one concern I have with the look is that I think her skin looks too unnatural for her age. Perhaps it’s the makeup or good old Photoshop.


Christmas “Gifts”


I got 3 cozy cashmere sweaters and the Trouve boots =) At home I bought this neutral toned silk top, black Anne Klein trouser socks, a merino wool plum colored cardigan, a Martin + Osa cashmere blend sweater, this amazing Rusk hair serum and Juicy Couture perfume!

I really wanted practical gifts this year, for the most part; hopefully I can find the perfect nude flats, black flats and lipgloss for spring before heading back to school.