Beauty School

Ok I’ll admit. I used to be the world’s biggest tomboy. Shocked? I hated jewelry, dresses, heels, ruffles and everything girly. Including makeup. Though I don’t wear much today, I think it’s important that I know how to apply makeup and know which products work best with my skin. (I have parties, dinners and interviews to attend this semester!) . The hardest things about youtube guides are that many of the ladies just seem to be wearing too much makeup or just have really tacky senses of style.

I spent the past three days in a virtual crash course on makeup (Well I’ve kind of been snowed in for the past few days anyway). Ultimately, I found these two makeup gurus that I think you should check out!


Blog  (source of photos)

YouTube Page

Why she’s awesome: She’s a 20 yr old university student who’s part African (yay!), has a similar skin type as me (ie. oily), speaks very clearly in her tutorials, has amazing hair and has a nice sense of style.



YouTube Page

Why she’s awesome: She has a very down-to-earth personality, a similar skin type as mine (oily and large pores), and she’s got the best feature for makeup in my opinion (lips and eyelid shape)!

I will definitely be checking them out on a pretty regular basis. Now I’m off to the mall and drugstore to prep my beauty bag before the semester starts.


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