Latest Fashion Article: Staying Stylish in the Snow

I’ll preface this by saying that even I haven’t been the best example of chic style during the winter months. Though you’ll never find me in the sweatpants-and-Ugg-boot uniform (sorry if that’s your thing), I haven’t exactly made any effort to look stylish. One could almost say that the winter months have caused many of us on campus to forget about fashion. Fortunately, there’s still hope. To get us back on the style-conscious track, I’ve found some solutions we can use to solve our winter clothing issues. Generally speaking, I believe that there are two main approaches to winter dressing: wearing thick, cozy pieces or combining thinner pieces for a layered look.

Issue 1: My feet are cold, but I’m too busy to go shopping!

Typically, for this kind of weather, ski socks and waterproof, fur-lined boots are ideal, especially those sold by manufacturers from colder parts of the world. However, some of us may not have purchased a month’s worth of socks from REI and the latest Sorel boots from their winter catalog. If this is you, don’t fret. But don’t step outside in just your ballet flats or moccasins and think you’ll be OK. Hopefully, as a Washington University student, you have a pair of rain boots in your closet. This is a great starting point. To stay warm, consider layering on pairs of socks and wearing legwarmers underneath your boots. Don’t have legwarmers? Get creative and use the sleeves of an old sweater or shirt that’s unsalvageable. Since these layers will be covered by your sleek boots, no one will ever have to know what you’re wearing to beat the cold. Also, many of the items your winter wardrobe is lacking will be on sale around mid-March, so stock up before graduation!

Issue 2: What can I wear to keep my legs warm?

Rather than add bulk to your winter look by wearing sweatpants, take the layering approach, and wear your old leggings or thermal pants underneath skinny pants or slim jeans. If you decide it’s warm enough to wear a dress—or you’re just in the mood—switch out your opaque nylon tights for solid wool to give you the same general look while keeping you cozy. Another solution is to buy a longer jacket, preferably one that covers your thighs. This will help mitigate the adverse effects of wind and keep your legs protected from the elements.

Issue 3: I’m tired of wearing boring colors for three months!

It’s extremely easy to fall into a rut of wearing black, camel and gray while there are always clouds in the sky. However, the great thing about winter dressing is the variety of accessories one can purchase and wear. Add touches of color to your look through printed scarves, colored gloves, tribal-patterned knits, fun hats and colored school bags. Depending on your taste, prints and patterns such as chevron and paisley may be the way to go. If you’re not a print person, solid-colored items in jewel tones such as mulberry or royal blue are a great alternative. Find whatever works for you, but check to make sure that the colors and patterns you choose are appropriate for the season. A rule of thumb for colder months is to trend toward more saturated colors.

-Stay Stylish


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