Get Pumped

My final gift finally arrived in the mail! These platform pumps are by Kelsi Dagger and are super high. I’ll have to master them within the next 5 hours; I may be wearing them out tonight!


Relaxing Music

This week has been the most stressful one of the semester and I can’t believe the weekend’s pretty much here.

Not sure what my plans are for the evening, but I do think a nap is in order. And possibly cookies and creme ice cream.



Latest Fashion Column Article: Men’s Spring ’11 Trends

Though the fashion industry produces new shows and trends every six months, men’s fashion just isn’t as dynamic as women’s wear, and fashion trends for men tend to be less “trendy” and more sustained. But guys—this isn’t to say that everything you wore last spring is acceptable or on trend. Au contraire, this spring’s key looks can be summarized as classic, minimal and fresh.

New neutrals
Heather gray, white and soft shades of brown and khaki are the key neutral tones you’ll want to have in your closet this spring. Thom Browne and Gucci showcased numerous looks using these colors in sweaters, trench coats, pants and suits. About half of Prada’s spring collection featured men in light shades of brown and an array of grays. Wearing neutrals, however, may seem too simple and minimal for some. If you’re the color-craving type, pastels best complement a minimalist, neutral look, adding a refreshing twist to this classic spring trend. To make this trend more practical, look for modern silhouettes or simple pieces such as a gray V-neck sweater. Also, consider layering neutrals to give more dimensions to your look.

Feeling blue?
Prada, Gucci and Dsquared2 sent models down their runways in shades of blue ranging from navy to cerulean to aqua. The keys to wearing one of the trendiest colors in men’s fashion this spring are first to find the shade that best complements your skin tone, and second, to determine how much blue is appropriate for your look, as no man I know would ever like to be mistaken for Veruca Salt (you know, that girl in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” who turned into a blueberry). Once you’ve selected your item and are ready to complete your look, remember that black, gray and white are the best colors to wear with blue to make the shade truly pop.

Racing stripes
This season, stripes are thick and in bold primary colors. Michael Bastian, Thom Browne and Prada designed everything from polos in rugby stripes to blazers with very visible pinstripes. The reigning idea this season is go graphic or go home. In order to keep this trend from overwhelming your outfit, keep everything else neutral.

More leg room
Similar to women’s leg wear trends for the seasons, designers have declared the skinny leg style officially over for men as well. Instead, this season’s most popular pants are either sleek and straight (a la Dsquared2) or wide, loose-fitting cotton pants, as exhibited by Dior Homme and Lacoste.

Sometimes called oxfords or wingtips, these shoes are characterized by the perforation, or brogues, found around the leather body and come in varying shades of leather and suede. Models for J. Crew wore their brogues with ankle-cuffed jeans, chinos and shorts. Prada and Gucci designed pairs in rich shades of brown, with ombré effects on the leather and showed models wearing
brogues with suits. These versatile shoes with roots in Scotland and Ireland tend to be worn sockless and can add an element of Anglo-chic to your overall look this spring.

—Stay Stylish!



One of my birthday presents has finally arrived! I got these Cole Haan flats for spring and thus far they’re amazing. I’ve been on the hunt for nude flats in a size 11 for about 2 years; I’m so happy to have finally found some. I also received  orchids from my boyfirend for valentines day. They’re beautiful, I just hope I take good care of them.


Currently Seeking..

a less expensive version of this BCBG dress for spring. I love the drapey-ness and modern spin on the wrap!