This or That?

Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted Shoulder Flap, $173 from $248

Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted Crossbody, $103

I’ve decided that my “portfolio” of bags (I really only have four) should be expanded to include something colorful and something that I can’t fit my entire life into. I spotted the first bag on sale at Bloomingdales on Michigan Ave and perhaps fell in love. Then I checked Michael Kors’ site and surely there was another small red chain bag, for an even lower price. Now I’m stuck between the two.



Bravo Estee Lauder for this one!

Loving the diversity!


ps. I’m having an amazing time in Chicago, but won’t be back to my own laptop (to upload photos) until later this weekend.

Hat Day

Speaking of midterms and being lazy, I decided to skip blow-drying my hair this week and though my curls looked nice at the beginning of the week, they were not so nice looking today. Hat time!

I’m glad the weather’s warming up, but I can’t wait for it to get hot enough for dresses.