Goals and Whatnot

Annually women skip rent (or meals) to pay for treatments, nips and tucks, SPANX, coverups and other vanity solutions rather than work out, eat well and take care of themselves. Well, maybe this is an oversimplification, however, as I watched last week’s episode of RHONY (yes, I sucuumb to not-so-great reality tv on a regular basis) I noticed that a few of the women were getting procedures to mask their laziness. Thus! I’ve decided to make some goals for myself to truly live a healthy lifestyle and save money on avoidable procedures down the road.

1. Preserving my face/skin

I’ll try my best to wash my face twice a day and keep my hands off. I will still spend money on moisturizers, but I am searching/ have found products with more natural oils and fewer chemicals. I was reading some of the profiles on IntoTheGloss where many of the women described the simplicity of their skin care routines and their focus on great skin rather than expensive makeup. I would love to have a basic routine that doesn’t require me to wake up an hour earlier.  Lately I’ve been using natural coconut oil on my (body) skin which has been amazing. I’d like to return to giving myself facials using the products found in my fridge. It’s been a while since I’ve done that.

2. Preserving my teeth

Dental treatments are soooo expensive! Thus, I’ll actually follow everything the dentist says and keep my routine in tip top shape. I’d rather spend the extra $6 today to buy more mouthwash than $$$$ in the future on preventable treatments and procedures. No more being a cheap-o.

3. Getting in shape/ keeping my insides healthy

Once I went to a women in business forum where we were told to invest in a good pair of spanx. I was immediately saddened by this suggestion since, as a college student, I have more important things to be spending my limited income such as girls nights out and going to brunch with my friends! Ive resolved to be more consistent in my exercising and pay more attention to what I eat. I’m not overweight but I know that I could be healthier (and probably have better skin and hair) if I swapped out that second cookie for an apple.

4. Keeping my hair in shape

Okay, so I know there are certain processes I will never try at home; relaxing my own hair, for instance, just isn’t going to happen. But, I want to put more effort into learning how to properly blowout my own hair, so I can avoid trips to the salon in between major treatments. Numerous women, especially African-Americans, spend a ton of money on hair weaves. I recently read an article in the NYTimes about people even resorting to stealing them.  I’d rather spend my money on having a great time with my friends/ boyfriend.

5. Preserving my brain/ mind/ spirit

I want to read more and discuss, rather than avoid, major issues in my life. I’d rather not miss sleep on an argument we had yesterday, or develop an ulcer from being stubborn and refusing to forgive. I would much more enjoy peace of mind and knowing that things will get better. People lose their minds and (get gross acne) from unnecessary stress and I don’t want to end up like that later on in life.


First Song of Summer 2011

I’ve always loved Adele and this song has blown up the airwaves for a while now (at least since January), but since I can’t get it out of my head, not that I want to, I’ve decided to share



Ps. I wonder which other songs will dominate this summer. Well definitely the song below for me, esp starting at 1:01:

Street Style


AltaMira NYC

Jak and Jil

The Sartorialist


I love street style and seeing what other people in the world are wearing! I recently added more blogs to my pages in the bar above, so check them out.


Casual Wishlist—I have so Many!

Nordstrom, $22

Asos, $21.52

Asos, $14.34

Zara, $39.90 (Totally reminds me of PRADA’s spring 2011 collection; oh well!)

Zara, $39.90 (because sadly all my pants are black and blue)

Asos, $14.34

Zara, $39.90 (Apparently Anthropologie has a version of this top for $88; I wonder which high-end designer these two copied)

Asos, $37.65

Asos, $30.48

Zara, $99.90

BCBGMAXAZRIA via Nordstrom, $228 (This waterfall jacket is awesome, but totally out of my price-range. Making a note to search for it during Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale this summer)

Asos, $10.76

Asos, $21.52

Zara, $99.90

Asos, $17.93

French Connection via Asos, $40.34

French Connection via Asos, $36.76

Finals are over so let the shopping begin. I just realized after making this wishlist that Minneapolis (where I’ll be spending the bulk of my summer) doesn’t have a Zara! Oh no!!

I’m still finalizing my summer plans but am currently in city no.1 of about 5 =)



(What I’d like to be doing)

I’ve been really sporadic in my postings lately due to finals. I have two exams this week and then my summer officially starts, but when I’m bored, I blog (or watch documentaries!)  I definitely want to be more consistent this summer.


Designer Spotlight: SUNO

As a Nigerian, I love watching designers whose lines are heavily influenced by African textiles. I’ve been following [super-expensive] SUNO since it was created in 2008 by Max Osterweis.

Designer Osterweis was inspired by vintage Kenyan fabrics and has an awesome view of Africa, based on a March 2011 interview with the Telegraph.

‘I’m interested in contemporary things, so I wanted to do a collection that women could wear to an art opening, to dinner. I didn’t want to do an “ethnic collection”, whatever that means,’-Osterweis


Summer Beauty Shopping List

Clinique High Definition Lashes Brush then Comb Mascara, $14.50

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil, $6.79

Organix Conditioner, $7.99

Organix Shampoo, $6.99

Organix Serum, $7.79

Frownies Cleanser, $12.99

Neutrogena Moisturizer, $12.99

Sephora Nail Lacquer, $5

Kiss My Face SPF 50 Sunblock, $14.36

This summer I’m looking for inexpensive products to get the job done. I already have scrubbers and masks and lotions, but my face and hair need a little extra. I’d love to eventually simplify my beauty routine, through trial and error of course, and de-clutter the space under my sink with the help of a trash can and a trip to the container store.


82nd Annual Fashion Show

I modeled this amazing masterpiece designed by one of my good friends Evan, a painting major. This was his second dress (ever!!) and it was a huge success. I’m so proud of him! He’s so driven and wants to design haute couture in the future. The dress was super stiff and is made of buckram.

Anyway, I scratched everyone in the front room I’m sure lol. The chairs lining the runway were wayyy too close.

After the show, my amazing boyfriend surprised me with hot pink roses!


Gorgeous Day

Rather than attend a mass concert on my campus, my bf and I decided to spend the day biking around in the park! Which was amazing. I’m almost certain that this park was designed by the guy who planned central Park in NY.