Casual Wishlist—I have so Many!

Nordstrom, $22

Asos, $21.52

Asos, $14.34

Zara, $39.90 (Totally reminds me of PRADA’s spring 2011 collection; oh well!)

Zara, $39.90 (because sadly all my pants are black and blue)

Asos, $14.34

Zara, $39.90 (Apparently Anthropologie has a version of this top for $88; I wonder which high-end designer these two copied)

Asos, $37.65

Asos, $30.48

Zara, $99.90

BCBGMAXAZRIA via Nordstrom, $228 (This waterfall jacket is awesome, but totally out of my price-range. Making a note to search for it during Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale this summer)

Asos, $10.76

Asos, $21.52

Zara, $99.90

Asos, $17.93

French Connection via Asos, $40.34

French Connection via Asos, $36.76

Finals are over so let the shopping begin. I just realized after making this wishlist that Minneapolis (where I’ll be spending the bulk of my summer) doesn’t have a Zara! Oh no!!

I’m still finalizing my summer plans but am currently in city no.1 of about 5 =)


4 thoughts on “Casual Wishlist—I have so Many!

  1. Hey! Have you heard of WantWorthy? It’s a website that lets you keep track of all the cool clothes and accessories you see on the web, all in one place. Seriously the greatest idea ever!

    Here’s my list:

    If you think it’s a cool idea and want to join, let me know so I can send you an invite email!!

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