Marni for H&M

Ethnic prints and pops of color. This collection might actually be worth waiting in line like a hungry wolf for. It’ll be available in stores next March!


P.s. I decided to skip out on the whole Black Friday/ Cyber Monday thing this weekend and I absolutely don’t regret it. I think consumers may have gotten a bit carried away with the idea of a “deal” or “sale” and they perhaps ended up buying more things than they actually needed. Though I may have missed out on some good “deals”, I know more will come around and the best thing I can do is wait until I’m ready to buy.

Besides, everyone knows the best deals are right after Christmas!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I spent the whole day cooking so I didn’t even have time to blog! Thankful to be surrounded by my amazing family and avoiding the crazies at the mall today!



This song by the Brazilian rock group CSS is just upbeat and blithe enough to put anyone in a good mood. Though it’s rainy and stormy outside, there’s a party going on inside.



“It’s just fashion”…

Lately, I’ve  had the worst writer’s block! I started a fashion column (Hot Seams) for my school’s newspaper (Student Life) during my freshman year of college and I’ve been writing articles for it ever since then.  However, this semester I’ve been really uninspired and though I would like to have more articles published before I graduate, I can’t seem to find a topic worth writing about.

Not sure what to do.


Current Obsession

I’ve always wanted my own gemology or crystal growing set, ever since I was small. Unfortunately, Christmas after Christmas and birthday after birthday, I never got a kit. Recently I stopped by a shop in an airport and spotted big chunks of geodes and agate slices and will hopefully soon have my own. They’re so intricate and will be a colorful addition to my white-based apartment!