Fashion with out Fitness Is…

Not cute. I once read somewhere that when comparing two men dressed in Gucci suits, the more physically fit of the pair is the one who appears to be wealthy and stylish. No, I’m not buying a Gucci suit anytime soon nor do I need to look wealthy, but I do agree that living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of one’s self are essential to having a spectacular sense of style.


The biggest thing I’ve learned in yoga is how to control my breathing, focus and be satisfied with my best. I rarely nail every pose and after years of running, have extremely tight hamstrings, but I try and progress for me is success.

Cardio Kick-boxing

This one’s tough and some weeks I don’t feel like going, but my endurance (physical and mental) has definitely improved in the past year, since I started going to kick-boxing classes.

Cooking at Home

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love getting dressed up and checking out trendy new restaurants in my city and in others. But you just can’t beat knowing exactly what you’re eating.

Girl’s Nights Out (and In)

I know that when I’m old, I’ll have very pronounced smile lines. I love laughing and being around amazing people. Spending time with my friends helps me to de-stress and relax which is great for my body.

What do you do to stay healthy?



After watching this hilarious video, I realized that even though I love fashion, I rarely say the names of designers out loud. Sure I can recognize them in magazines and on the internet, but half of my friends wouldn’t know what I was talking about if I began to constantly drop names.   The great thing about it though, is that I don’t bombard them with fashion vernacular 24/7. Unfortunately, I don’t have room to practice this knowledge on a regular basis.

So, I found this listing on The Gloss that breaks down the pronunciations of various industry heavyweights. Awesome =)


Anya Hindmarch : ahn-ya heind-march
Badgley Mischka : badge-lee meesh-ka
Balenciaga : bah-len-see-ah-gah
Balmain : bal-mah
Bebe : bee bee
Bottega Veneta : bo-tega ven-e-ta
Bulgari : bull-ga-ree
Burberry Prorsum : bur-bur-ree pror-some
Carolina Herrera : caro-leena hair-era
Chanel : shuh-nel
Christian Lacroix : la-kwa
Christian Louboutin : loo-boo-tahn (‘h’ is silent)
Comme des Garçons : comb day gar-son
Dior : dee-or
Diane von Furstenberg : pronounced like its spelled
Dolce & Gabbana : dole-chay gab-bon-a
Emilio Pucci : ee-mee-lee-oh  pu-chee
Etienne Aigner : eh-tee-yen on-yay
Givenchy : jsee-vawn-chi
Gucci : goo-chee
Hermès : err-mez
Hervé Léger : air-vay lay-jay
James Perse :  pronounced like “purse”
Jean Paul Gaultier :  zhan paul go-tee-ay
Lambertson Truex : lam-bert-son tru-ex
Lanvin : lon-vawn OR lon-vahn
Louis Vuitton : loo-wee vwe-tahn OR vhee-tawn

Madame Gres : mah-dam gray
Marchesa : mar-kay-sa
Moschino : mo-ski-no
Monique Lhuillier : mo-neek loo-lee-ay
Narciso Rodriguez : nar-si-so rod-ree-gus OR rod-ri-gez
Nicolas Ghesquière : ni-co-la guess-ki-air
Prada : prah-da
Pierre Cardin : pee-air car-dain
Proenza Schouler : pro-enza skool-er
Ralph Lauren :  Lauren (like the girl’s name, not lo-ren)
Rodarte : row-dar-tay
Sonia Rykiel :  saun-ya ree-kee-eel
Thakoon : ta-koon
Thierry Mugler: tee-air-ree moog-lay
Tibi : tbi (not Tee-bee)
Tocca : toe-ka
Ungaro : oon-ga-ro
Versace : ver-sah-chee OR ver-saw-chay
Yves Saint Laurent : eve  san-lor-ron
Zac Posen : poe-zen


Birthday Dress

I’m turning 22 soon (two weeks). I spotted  this dress on the Nasty Gal site and can’t wait to accessorize it. It’s a cotton blend material so I’ll definitely be warm. Can’t wait to post pictures from what should be an amazing night!


Spotlight on: Fela Kuti

Being at home always makes me crave anything Nigerian. Food, people, music, blogs, I want it all. I love my culture and it’s a bit strange living in the States knowing that I don’t quite fit in. Then again, that’s what makes me unique and gives me a different perspective on things.


Latest Fashion Article: Fashion and Beauty Trends You Don’t Want to be Caught Without!

Sure, it snowed last week and it’s freezing outside and the first thing on your mind is a thick woolen scarf. Still, any true fashionista knows that it’s never too early to start planning your wardrobe for the next season. Winter should be over in two months at most, which gives us enough time to review, shop and accessorize! Consider this your review from the runways around the world.

Color blocking
Design houses such as Luca Luca remind us that this hot trend is back for yet another spring. One benefit of this blocking is that it’s not just for bold colors; color blocking can also be achieved with pastels and neutral tones. People with broad shoulders should refrain from wearing blouses in which the top half of the blouse is a different color than the bottom half. This draws the eye to the shoulder area, emphasizing the problem. Also, colors need not be placed in literal blocks on a garment. Rather, they can be placed strategically to emphasize your assets and deemphasize other areas.

A piece in tangerine
Pantone’s color of the year, tangerine, is bright, bold and playful. Of course if you find the hue overwhelming, purchase a small accessory and don it as an accent piece to a neutral outfit. Nudes and creams, white, black and plum are a few accent colors to pair with the hue this spring.

Femme peplum
If you’re in search of a silhouette that enhances your curves while keeping you chic and classy, the peplum is the trend for you! A peplum is a short, flared layer of ruffles attached at the waist that can be found in stores on dresses, shirts, jackets and skirts. As Dries van Noten showed, the flare of the peplum can be contrasted with sharp shoulders to create the overall hourglass effect. Also remember to keep the bottom half of your look slim to counter the flare at the waist.

Asymmetrical necklines and hemlines
Proper and neat is boring. When out shopping, look for tops with cutouts in the straps a la Zero + Maria Cornejo or necklines that are cut lower on the right or left side of the garment. As for hemlines, take a note from this spring’s BCBG Max Azria collection and search for light, flowing dresses with interesting long/short hemlines. Afraid that the front of your dress might look like it got caught in a shredder? Nicholas K showed that a monochromatic outfit can minimize the shredder effect while appearing effortless.

Get sporty
You don’t have to be a star athlete to try this spring trend. Rather, search for athletic-inspired pieces such as sleeveless tops and zippers in neon colors, nylon bags, jumpsuits with cinched-in waists, contrasting piping and bold stripes, and chevron prints. Rag & Bone even added drawstrings to blouses and bottoms. I’ve noticed that this trend tends to resurface around springtime, perhaps the time of year when many are hoping to change their habits and be more active.

Strappy black sandals
Both thick strappy sandals and minimalist sandals with a thin toe strap covered the runways of several collections for this season. If you don’t have a pair of strappy black sandals that fit your personal style, I suggest you get some ASAP!

Beauty simplified
Numerous designers including the design teams at Carven, Dries van Noten, BCBG and Diane von Furstenberg coiffed models with sleek pulled-back styles to let the clothes speak for themselves. Their models also wore soft nude and blush lipsticks, a combination suggesting youth and sophistication. Consider keeping your beauty routine simple this season for maximum impact from your outfits.

-Stay Stylish!


Hot Jewelry Brand: Dannijo

Loving it all. The designers, sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder, are based in New York and their jewelry is sold on The Outnet,  Net-a-porter, ShopBop as well as in Bergdorf Goodman. Luckily, these sites have many pieces on sale!


Blazer Crazy

I have broad shoulders. 17 inches to be exact. Most fashion brands (like Theory, etc) don’t make blazers that wide on the shoulders and if they did, they would probably only come in a size that would swallow my small frame. All I want to do is look chic and polished without having to shell out $1,000 on one garment. Sometimes issues like this make me want to become a fashion designer (given my size 10.5/11 feet, I’d also like to be a shoe designer!). Unfortunately, I think creating a blazer from scratch would require more hours than I’m willing to give.

Dream Blazers
I’ll be entering the professional world this Fall and will need an arsenal of power blazers. Last summer I found the perfect tweed blazer by Elie Tahari for Neiman Marcus discounted from $600 to $40! Too bad deals like that don’t come around everyday.

Pinterest: My Latest Obsession

I love collages, collaging, day dreaming and killing time on the internet. Finally, someone had the brilliant idea of creating this site and I’ve been obsessed! Essentially anytime I’m online shopping or checking out the latest posts on Vogue or W’s websites, I can “pin” inspiring photos onto my Pinterest page and share them with others. Now my boyfriend will be glad I’m not cluttering my harddrive with random images and I won’t have to worry about forgetting where I saved something. Below are some of my most recent pins. Lately I’ve been all about hair!

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