Fashion with out Fitness Is…

Not cute. I once read somewhere that when comparing two men dressed in Gucci suits, the more physically fit of the pair is the one who appears to be wealthy and stylish. No, I’m not buying a Gucci suit anytime soon nor do I need to look wealthy, but I do agree that living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of one’s self are essential to having a spectacular sense of style.


The biggest thing I’ve learned in yoga is how to control my breathing, focus and be satisfied with my best. I rarely nail every pose and after years of running, have extremely tight hamstrings, but I try and progress for me is success.

Cardio Kick-boxing

This one’s tough and some weeks I don’t feel like going, but my endurance (physical and mental) has definitely improved in the past year, since I started going to kick-boxing classes.

Cooking at Home

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love getting dressed up and checking out trendy new restaurants in my city and in others. But you just can’t beat knowing exactly what you’re eating.

Girl’s Nights Out (and In)

I know that when I’m old, I’ll have very pronounced smile lines. I love laughing and being around amazing people. Spending time with my friends helps me to de-stress and relax which is great for my body.

What do you do to stay healthy?


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