Blazer Crazy

I have broad shoulders. 17 inches to be exact. Most fashion brands (like Theory, etc) don’t make blazers that wide on the shoulders and if they did, they would probably only come in a size that would swallow my small frame. All I want to do is look chic and polished without having to shell out $1,000 on one garment. Sometimes issues like this make me want to become a fashion designer (given my size 10.5/11 feet, I’d also like to be a shoe designer!). Unfortunately, I think creating a blazer from scratch would require more hours than I’m willing to give.

Dream Blazers
I’ll be entering the professional world this Fall and will need an arsenal of power blazers. Last summer I found the perfect tweed blazer by Elie Tahari for Neiman Marcus discounted from $600 to $40! Too bad deals like that don’t come around everyday.

Pinterest: My Latest Obsession

I love collages, collaging, day dreaming and killing time on the internet. Finally, someone had the brilliant idea of creating this site and I’ve been obsessed! Essentially anytime I’m online shopping or checking out the latest posts on Vogue or W’s websites, I can “pin” inspiring photos onto my Pinterest page and share them with others. Now my boyfriend will be glad I’m not cluttering my harddrive with random images and I won’t have to worry about forgetting where I saved something. Below are some of my most recent pins. Lately I’ve been all about hair!

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Places I’d Like to Explore This Year

One of the great things about a new year is the chance to reflect and plan. And I love to plan! And dream and wish…sigh. I’ve created a list of some of the places I’d like to see this year. I’ll be starting my career this September (sounds so official!) and have about 3.5 months for travel before then.

San Francisco, California

I’ve never been to the West Coast before and think that the bay area should be my first stop! Looking forward to the culture, shopping, wine and architecture.

Negril, Jamaica

White sandy beaches in the relaxing Caribbean and parties til dawn, what’s not to love?

Costa Rica

This trip might be the most challenging for me since it’s all about the outdoors and nature. On the other hand, it might be the most beautiful and I’m looking forward to a great adventure.


It’s about time I travel to the place all my family is from! Definitely looking forward to getting handcrafted clothing and goods from local artisans and exploring this rich country.


Okay, so I’ve been here before. Three times in fact. But, I’m thinking a Labor Day weekend getaway to the Big Apple is an awesome way to end my travels before getting to work. I’ll definitely stop by a few museums and get some shopping in before the fall.


It’s always been on my list as something to try since I tend to do well in sports that require a strong core/ legs. I’m not yet sure where I’ll go, but I do know that there is a plethora of resorts on the East Coast and of course many options in the West!