It’s no longer personal

I was reading an interview of Scott Schuman and realized that today, blogging has become so manufactured and superficial. The outfits are staged, the lighting has to be just right, and the poses are sometimes unnatural. I’ve been blogging since I was 13– a long time ago!– and I’ve been a bit frustrated with this change. Blogging used to be about expressing yourself and showing off your cool stuff. Back then, everyone was an amateur, no one had hair and makeup teams and everyone was very supportive. Now, it’s all about “increasing traffic” and “making this a business” and “monetizing your website”. Maybe the shift from blogging being a niche activity to it becoming so widespread meant that there is now more competition for attention and more push to stand out and become a star.

I want a return to the good old days when blogging was a fun thing to do in your spare time. Like jotting down thoughts in an online diary that could lead to discussions among people you’d personally never meet.

What are your thoughts about blogging?


Fashion Trend I’m Into

Silk Prints
I have the most uninteresting collection of pants. Blue, black, white…boring! This summer, I really want to wear pants like these. I found my dad’s old Nigerian pants in my parent’s basement and want to take them to a tailor to get them resized. Anyway, I love the concept of pairing a simple silk blouse with bold, in-your-face pants. If only I were brave enough to pull it off!

Ridiculously Horrible Looking Footwear

I’ve been searching online for the perfect shoes and handbangs for work and came across these designer atrocities that made me ask, “What were they thinking?!” First, it’s strange to think that these design houses think people will actually buy them. Second, it’s scares me to know that people do actually buy these shoes!

These can’t possibly be worn in public, though. Just can’t.

If this pair didn’t have the fly wings on the toes, they would actually be kind of cute.

This pair by Marni just screams little school girl to me, and not in the cute fashion-y way.

Is it just me, or does this shoe resemble the face of a bull?

How could these Fendi monsters ever flatter a woman’s leg? Also, Willy Wonka comes to mind when I consider the color scheme going on here.

Just… why?

What do you think about these shoes?


P.s. photo credits can be found by clicking on the pictures

I’m a Graduate!

It still feels very surreal. I’m so happy to be done with the long assignments, unhealthy late-night food and all-nighters, at least for a few months. It’s so strange to say that I have a degree in Economics and Strategy. Can’t wait to start the next phase of my life!



Recently a friend and I were discussing nail polish and she was surprised that I wear Sally Hansen! I thought the brand was alright (okay, maybe it does get gummy pretty fast), but she’s convinced me to give O.P.I. a try, as it may be a better value polish (i.e. last longer both on my nails and in a jar).  I found these pretty colors on Sephora’s website. I might pick up some once I move back home after graduation!

“Paisley Attention To Me”

“Pink & Choose”

“It’s All About Me”

“Fiercely Fabulous”



I’m really into wavy hair and lazer-cut overlays this season. Also, I like Gwyneth’s take on the color blocking trend.