Ridiculously Horrible Looking Footwear

I’ve been searching online for the perfect shoes and handbangs for work and came across these designer atrocities that made me ask, “What were they thinking?!” First, it’s strange to think that these design houses think people will actually buy them. Second, it’s scares me to know that people do actually buy these shoes!

These can’t possibly be worn in public, though. Just can’t.

If this pair didn’t have the fly wings on the toes, they would actually be kind of cute.

This pair by Marni just screams little school girl to me, and not in the cute fashion-y way.

Is it just me, or does this shoe resemble the face of a bull?

How could these Fendi monsters ever flatter a woman’s leg? Also, Willy Wonka comes to mind when I consider the color scheme going on here.

Just… why?

What do you think about these shoes?


P.s. photo credits can be found by clicking on the pictures

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