Resort Favorites

Recently the resort 2013 collections showed and these are the looks I am inspired by the most. I’m not really sure I understand the purpose of resort season, but if it produces pretty clothes, then I accept!


Reem Acra

Rag & Bone

Kelly Wearstler

Roland Mouret

Helmut Lang

T by Alexander Wang

Prabal Gurung

Jason Wu

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I’m a huge fan of the intricate prints, lace and feminine details these designers used in their collections.

Guest Post: The Style Glossy–Beauty Counter

Skin Care Smarts

By Laurie Drake for The Style Glossy

Skin Care Smarts

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that you need to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin. But some skin care facts haven’t made it into conventional wisdom. Top dermatologists share five ways to tweak your skin care regimen to get your most radiant complexion ever.

Moisturize Frequently  
To fight acne, don’t forget the moisturizer, which improves skin’s ability to keep bacteria out and water in. Why is water important? Flaky, dehydrated skin is irritated skin, which sends distress signals to our immune cells, distracting them from healing the inflammation that can accompany acne. Making things worse, the blemish-prone often overcleanse to the point of dryness, which adds more dead skin cells to those already clogging the pores.

To properly keep skin hydrated, wear a light, oil-free, water-based moisturizer. For extra oomph, choose one laced with a zit-fighting ingredient such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol (nighttime use only) or azelaic acid.

Find the Right Retinoid
Vitamin A creams, known as retinoids, are scientifically proven to help unclog pores, smooth wrinkles, lighten brown spots and improve skin texture. The only hitch is that retinoids in prescription-strength form (which deliver the fastest results) can irritate the skin of first-time users and cause stinging, redness and peeling.

Acclimate your skin by using a retinoid just twice a week, with the eventual goal of applying it every night.  Or build tolerance by starting with a less potent, over-the-counter form of retinoid: look for the words retinol, retinal, retinaldehyde or retinyl palmitate on the label. Pumped into gels, serums and creams, these ingredients take a little longer to show benefits — up to six months. But by then you’ll be more than ready to graduate to their Rx cousins.

Load up on Vitamins
Like an alphabet soup, vitamins A, B, C and E call out from the labels of skin-care products. These antioxidant vitamins are naturally present in our skin, but they need replenishment to keep our collagen from being gobbled up by free radicals caused by UV light and pollution. Each excels at something: vitamin A builds collagen and quells enzymes that destroy it; vitamin B (which includes B12, B3 or niacinamide, and folic acid) reduces inflammation, water loss and uneven pigmentation; vitamin C protects against UV damage and improves skin texture; and vitamin E is an emollient that fights redness.

To cover all the bases, make your products multitask by using a serum containing some of the vitamins and a moisturizer pumped with the others.

Look for Botanical Ingredients
By switching to cleansers and creams containing certain key botanicals, those of us with sensitive skin (a propensity to become blotched, red and irritated) might never have to reach for another tube of greasy hydrocortisone to calm an angry eruption. The top six botanical ingredients that get the nod from doctors because of their anti-inflammatory, antiredness and anti-irritant properties include: colloidal oatmeal, feverfew, licorice, aloe vera, chamomile and turmeric. Not only are these safe for sensitive skin and sufferers of chronic conditions like rosacea, their daily use will help prevent future flare-ups.

Say Yes to Ceramides
A natural component of the top layer of our skin, ceramides are fats that act
like mortar to the bricks (cells) that form a wall to keep water inside the
skin. When this brick wall is well-preserved, the result is a glowing,
well-hydrated complexion. During the winter and as we age, ceramide levels
start to drop, shrinking the mortar and causing dry, inflamed skin.
Fortunately, we can replenish lost ceramides with synthetic or natural forms,
both of which are found in moisturizers. To get your money’s worth, look for
ceramides in the top half of the ingredients list.

Travel Beauty

Packing to go anywhere can be incredibly stressful. My approach: make a destination-specific list based on one found on the internet, then pack everything on it a week ahead of time to see what’s left to buy. I’m only taking carry-on luggage for this trip tomorrow, so I wanted to limit the number of products I bring. Besides, I’ll be on the beach!

Body Products: Body Lotion, Hand Lotion, Tweezers, Cheap Razor, Deodorant and Amazing Body Wash (I love Caress!)

For the Plane: Fluffy eye mask, a French moisturizing face mask, Vaseline and Wipes

I’m trying out this new face mask so my skin can be hydrated when I land. Hopefully it does the job!

Sunscreen/Acne Products (essential!): Neutrogena’s new face sunblock, prescription topical treatments from my Dermatologist, Ponds wipes since I want to limit the amount of water I use in Brazil

Makeup Products: $1 eye liner from a beauty supply store, Maybelline Waterproof mascara, Nars lip lacquer in Hot Wired, Kiehl’s lip balm with SPF, Shimmery shadow from L’Oreal

Hair Products: Wide tooth comb for detangling nasty beach hair, Tea Tree oil for my scalp, Leave in Moisturizer for my strands, Biosilk Silk Therapy for extra shine

All packed up! Well, minus the comb and other large items

I only have one more things to buy then off to the airport I go!


Last Article for My Hot Seams Fashion Column

It was bittersweet, but I’m slowly adjusting to life without a column to share my opinions and observations with my peers. I started the Hot Seams fashion column in 2008 with no professional experience in writing/journalism. Now, after four years, I’ve learned so much about myself and the industry, met some really amazing and inspiring people and critiqued some “out-there” fashion designs. People didn’t always agree with what I had to say, but that didn’t matter to me. I was more concerned with sharing information and making fashion a topic of discussion at my very academic research-based university.

Deconstructing Armour 

[1]courtesy of armour. magazine

It’s certainly not as thick as a Vogue or an Elle, but it doesn’t need to be. A very admirable endeavor, Armour, a new fashion magazine started by three Sam Fox School students, Jacob Lenard, Chantal Strasburger and Felicia Podberesky, launched last week in an effort to bring fashion and style to the Wash. U. community. Featuring bold glossy photographs and topics ranging from the origin of the bow tie to vintage Wash. U. fashion, this magazine is a fun little read, surely to be accessible to students of all styles and tastes.

There are a few critiques I noted while first reading the magazine. I was a little thrown off by the piece on the 1961 Wash. U. homecoming queen. The article details the criteria for earning the title, categories such as attire, athletics, teeth and poise. I wasn’t sure how much of this was fact or fiction. If the article was intended as a humor piece, perhaps it should have been placed at the end of the magazine. Additionally, though the beauty piece focused mainly on technique, I wish it provided a few brands that students could use to implement the various steps outlined to achieve a metallic smoky eye, especially because it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of products and brands available in stores. Ultimately, I felt the spring issue of the magazine lacked a strong, overarching theme. Although the individual sections alone were fun and easy to read, I didn’t get a sense of consistency in the topics covered throughout Armour. Overall, the magazine left me wanting more.

However, there were many enticing aspects of the magazine as well. My favorite thing about Armour is its accessible tone. The articles sound like casual conversations with my friends rather than an imposing Anna Wintour looking down upon me for wearing jeans again. The Everyday Runway section was a great touch, as it encouraged students to make runway styles their own. I also enjoyed the photography and the fact that student models were both featured and named. Even if you don’t care about fashion, you’ll definitely be entertained and educated by reading Armour. You may even learn something new about some of the students you pass by everyday. If you couldn’t get a copy of the magazine, check out the blog:

Stay Stylish!

On My Travel Playlist

My life has been all over the place recently. Last week my parents threw a graduation party for me, I’m studying for my GMAT  and this Saturday, I’m flying to Rio de Janiero, Brazil! As I pack and run around town completeing all my last minute errands, I’m building a playlist for the flights. This song’s a throwback from my freshman year of college.




Just in time for summer, I spotted this silk floral print Equipment blouse at TJMaxx for $25! Yep, you read that correctly. I’ve always admired the high-priced brand’s silk blouses from afar since its $200 price tag doesn’t quite fit in my college grad budget. However, stores like TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack make it possible to obtain designer clothes at normal people prices. If you don’t shop at these stores already, I highly recommend it. But only go to their locations in nicer neighborhoods as selection is not the same everywhere.

I’m not sure how I’ll style this top yet, but I will be taking it on my upcoming vacation! I heard it might be rainy there this time of year.


Simply Chic

Though some say that American Vogue is overrated or out of touch with reality, everyone probably agrees that the glossy produces really pretty pictures. I love their website and in particular, their “5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl” feature. I really enjoy the fact that each dress or piece of jewelry featured has a personal story. This one below is of Research Editor Eugenia Miranda and is my absolute favorite. I want to find more pictures of her dressed up for work or an evening out.



Senior Fashion Show

I modeled for a fashion design major friend of mine in May for the Spring Senior fashion show. It was an awesome time and we actually shut down a mall! The first dress was a military inspired collection of 4 dresses. Then, since my friend is really interested in sustainable fabrics, she created a 3-piece collection with bamboo fleece and pineapple fibers. The last dress was her off-white wedding gown. I got to wear Jimmy Choos with the wedding dress, but forgot to get a picture of them.  To show his support for the arts, the Chancellor of my university was there too. Who can say they’ve strutted down the runway in front of the Chancellor? I can!


Summer Hair Challenge

This summer I’m challenging myself to resist the urge to put heat on my hair personally. I get relaxers once every two months (I’m hoping to stretch that to once every 10 weeks) and really want to try alternative hairstyles to keep my hair healthy and strong. Lately, I’ve been air-drying my hair in braids, twists and bantu knots and hope to blog about my adventures (or misadventures!) this summer.

Stay tuned!