Travel Beauty

Packing to go anywhere can be incredibly stressful. My approach: make a destination-specific list based on one found on the internet, then pack everything on it a week ahead of time to see what’s left to buy. I’m only taking carry-on luggage for this trip tomorrow, so I wanted to limit the number of products I bring. Besides, I’ll be on the beach!

Body Products: Body Lotion, Hand Lotion, Tweezers, Cheap Razor, Deodorant and Amazing Body Wash (I love Caress!)

For the Plane: Fluffy eye mask, a French moisturizing face mask, Vaseline and Wipes

I’m trying out this new face mask so my skin can be hydrated when I land. Hopefully it does the job!

Sunscreen/Acne Products (essential!): Neutrogena’s new face sunblock, prescription topical treatments from my Dermatologist, Ponds wipes since I want to limit the amount of water I use in Brazil

Makeup Products: $1 eye liner from a beauty supply store, Maybelline Waterproof mascara, Nars lip lacquer in Hot Wired, Kiehl’s lip balm with SPF, Shimmery shadow from L’Oreal

Hair Products: Wide tooth comb for detangling nasty beach hair, Tea Tree oil for my scalp, Leave in Moisturizer for my strands, Biosilk Silk Therapy for extra shine

All packed up! Well, minus the comb and other large items

I only have one more things to buy then off to the airport I go!



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