More from Rio

On Thursday, my boyfriend decided to take surf lessons and we paid a guy on the beach to teach him. Jean-Carlo (the instructor) didn’t speak any English, but managed to teach through gestures and demonstrations which was cool to watch. I was so proud of my bf for being so brave on his first time surfing, but he’s part-man, part-fish, so his success doesn’t surprise me.

I brought many bikinis with me, but wanted to leave with one from Brazil. I did a little shopping in Ipanema and got a plum colored bandeau from a local chain called Bum Bum. Not only was the store’s name awesome, but the cut of the swimsuit flattered my shape (If only we brought a camera!). I saw so many tiny floss bikinis and even tried one on before I realized how it would look on me. When I picked out a swimsuit, the salesgirl looked at me and said, “Are you sure you want to wear this?” That should have been my sign. I love my body, but don’t want strange people loving it too. My boyfriend got some  Brazilian swim shorts at the same shop I think. He normally sticks to deep navy blues, but I like red on him. I also bought a canga from a vendor on the beach. I negotiated in my best Portu-spañol but probably paid the true price for the canga rather than any discounted price (darn!).

I drank so much coconut water on the beach! I always asked for it cold each time, since though it was “winter” the sun was too strong.

On our last day in Rio, we swam with a stray penguin! Well, I didn’t swim, but my boyfriend played water taxi and I hopped on for a ride. It was amazing and the cariocas (Rio locals) were soon wondering what we foreigners were freaking out about and started taking pictures!



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