Spring Fashion

Fashion month is coming upon us and designers will soon show the world what they want us to wear this spring! I’m so excited and though I won’t be able to go to NYFW or any of the other weeks (not at this stage in my life!), I will be attached to my computer browsing their designs and blogging about my favorite trends. Since we all know that fashion often repeats itself, I’ve decided to post some Spring 2012 RTW trends I’d like to see again, and some that I’d like to go away.


Crazy prints a la Mary Katrantzou

I really want a statement dress (or blouse or skirt) in a bold print like this one. I’d pair it with a simple black or white article of clothing and brightly-colored dainty shoes.

African Prints (obviously!)

This is from Burberry.

Brush Strokes

I love the idea of wearable art and really hope this trend stays around. Also, the way that Helmut Lang drapes clothes is beautiful.


“Too Girly” Pastels

Sorry Phillip Lim, but I’m absolutely over sorbet colors! I just don’t find them flattering for darker skin tones and think that multiple articles of drapey clothing in these soft colors is not a flattering enough look for me to pull off.

Instead, I prefer pastels worn the way A.L.C.’s designers styled them here; just enough to get the point, but the model still looks strong and in charge. 

Silver or gold shoes

Maybe my taste in footwear is boring, but I don’t understand sparkly shoes for day time. These from Chanel are an example and I wish those ubiquitous gold smoking slippers would disappear.

The culprits.

[Images from style.com]



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