African Love

London-based Nigerian designer Duro Olowu is coming to JC Penny this spring! I love the looks below and will definitely be checking out his line. I usually don’t shop here and lately JCPenny hasn’t been doing too well in the market. Hopefully moves like this will help the retailer recover.

This last print is insane!

Duro’s known for his wild prints, feminine silhouettes, and vintage 70’s inspiration. This collaboration is great because his clothes usually retail at high-end stores like Barney’s and Also, as a Nigerian, I can imagine how hard it must have been for him to start a career in fashion (Nigerians love machismo). I see this as an opportunity to support change in my community.

Will you be checking this line out?


Wedding Wednesday Post #3

I’ve kind of put wedding planning on hold for now. With work and the holidays coming up, I just haven’t had time to get anything scheduled or arranged lately. Today’s post, however, is about honeymoons, because no matter how busy I am, I can always dream about another vacation! I think the first step to choosing a honeymoon destination (or destinations) is to assess how you and your travel partner like to vacation. We tend to be somewhat lazy travelers. We like to relax on the beach and leave our plans up to the weather. History and architecture are also important for us, as is mixing with the locals and learning new languages and customs. If we planned too many things to do, nothing would get done and if we didn’t plan anything to do, we wouldn’t feel satisfied with the trip.  Right now, we’re thinking Northern Morocco and Southern Spain though nothing is set in stone. I can’t wait!


Keep It Simple

This season, jewelry trends have been on the wilder side of the spectrum. Opulence,  decadence and more-is-better have been the reining ethos and have dominated the major magazines and runways.

Exhibit A:

Unfortunately, I haven’t embraced this concept and have really been attracted to sleek, more modern pieces. Perhaps I’m rebelling against the idea of disposable clothing, knowing that in a season or two, this type of jewelry won’t be popular.

I’ve been eyeing this bracelet and necklace and may just “self-gift” after the holidays!

Giles & Brother Necklace via The Outnet

This bracelet is by Gorjana

In my opinion, these pieces aren’t trendy which makes them worth it. As I save up for the wedding (and retirement and graduate school!) I have to be cautious of my spending.

Happy Friday!


Wedding Wednesday Post #2

Ah wedding dresses. I always assumed I’d know what I want, but I don’t think I’ll really know until I put on a couple of dresses. So far I’ve been really into intricate beading and lace and think I want a dress that shows off my arms and/or back (It’ll be really warm during the wedding). Here are some of my recent dress pins:

Alright, so maybe the last dress isn’t as detailed as the rest of them, but who can resist Vera Wang?

I still have a ton of work to do and I just found out this week that I’ll be having two ceremonies (don’t know if I should be happy or sad!)

I still need to:

  1. Start that wedding planning binder!
  2. Determine cities and venues for wedding ceremonies
  3. Work out harder
  4. Go dress shopping/ Get my measurements taken
  5. Book both venues!
  6. Start a wedding website
  7. Schedule and take engagement photos


Global Vibes

Ok, confession. I’ve recently started randomly blasting world music throughout my apartment in the evenings. I don’t know if it’s my way of dealing with the fact that it gets so dark by 4pm or if I need an energy boost in the evenings but I love it! This is one of the songs that I enjoy. It’s so dynamic and lively.


Gift List

This fall, I’ve been thinking more about things I can give to others, rather than just accumulating more stuff for myself. I love “me-time” and getting a new blouse or gloves, but sometimes I find that I get more of a thrill from making someone else’s day, giving them a call or surprising them with a gift. Even though I’ve made my own holiday wishlist,  I decided to create one for gifts to give the people around us. I’m a big believer in the saying that it’s the thought that counts and like giving gifts that people can use or that might add a little luxury to their day. It might be a bit self-serving but I also like gifts to seem like they’d actually come from me (and not like a re-gift or cast out). My aesthetic trends toward modern and polished with touches of glamour and I like when my gifts refelct that.


One of my biggest pet peeves in the colder months is dry skin. Therefore, I would love to give someone this hydrating hand cream kit from L’Occitane. This three-piece set is $28 at Nordstrom.


I always feel disorganized and messy when I have 15 small items crowded at the bottom of my purse. These little silcone “purses” can store anything from headphones to actual coins. They can be found on Amazon.

la mer

Oxblood or whatever you want to call this color is so hot this season and I can’t fathom a skin tone that this color wouldn’t flatter. This La Mer wrap watch via Need Supply adds style and class to any girl, from the fashionista to the book worm.


Candles are such an underrated home accent. They can set the mood for dinner for two, throwing a dinner party, relaxing in a tub and masking any unwanted smells (I’ve used candles to cover the fact that I burned my rice! So embarassing). My fiance and I are buying one of their parfums this winter and think their candles would make great gifts. This set retails for $95 at Bond No. 9.

Ah the gift of time! This clock from the MoMa design store is so simple that it could blend in with a variety of interior decorating styles, especially those that are more modern.

I love drinking tea and find the whole process very relaxing. My favorites right now are honey, vanilla, chamomile and french chai teas. This loose tea by Laudree not only encourages the recipient to take a break, but it also adds a little luxury to his or her day.


If any of your friends are recent graduates or journalists, consider this journal (I know I’ll definitely be gifting myself with this journal!). I’ve been working for about 6 months now and think it looks more professional to take notes in a leather bound journal than a memo pad or spiral notebook (no loose sheets!).  It retails for $44 at Need Supply.

Happy Shopping!


Wedding Wednesday Post #1

After my first month of being engaged, I can tell you that wedding planning is extremely dynamic! There are so many to-dos, guides and resources online to read through and opinions to consider, on top of figuring out what kind of event we’d like to have! Fortunately, it is my goal to make this planning process go as smoothly as possible and I think the best way to achieve this goal is through getting organized. So far I’ve created three secret Pinterest boards (I wish I could make more) and am creating a Google Doc spreadsheet of guests and their contact information. I also borrowed The Knot’s wedding book and two inspiration binders from an alum from my University.

My next steps are to:

  1. Start building a planning binder (I’ve found so many Pinterest guides on how to do this!)
  2. Create a list of questions for our potential venue contract meeting this weekend
  3. Solidify the budget
  4. Create a wedding wesite (or a draft)
  5. Take engagement photos before the holidays so we can have save the dates out by January (well first we have to find a photographer)
  6. Go dress shopping!
  7. Save save save

What a list!!

Some big steps are just about complete:

  1. Got ring insurance
  2. Was surprised with an awesome engagement party
  3. Chose wedding colors (plum, fuchsia, kelly green, navy accents on grey, white and black! Sounds like a ton of colors, but we can make it work)
  4. Chose a general wedding theme (outdoor garden, chic and modern yet romantic)
  5. Started making list of registry items
  6. Created a short list of honeymoon destinations
  7. Started making the guest list

Here’s some inspiration that helped us decide on colors: