Wedding Wednesday Post #1

After my first month of being engaged, I can tell you that wedding planning is extremely dynamic! There are so many to-dos, guides and resources online to read through and opinions to consider, on top of figuring out what kind of event we’d like to have! Fortunately, it is my goal to make this planning process go as smoothly as possible and I think the best way to achieve this goal is through getting organized. So far I’ve created three secret Pinterest boards (I wish I could make more) and am creating a Google Doc spreadsheet of guests and their contact information. I also borrowed The Knot’s wedding book and two inspiration binders from an alum from my University.

My next steps are to:

  1. Start building a planning binder (I’ve found so many Pinterest guides on how to do this!)
  2. Create a list of questions for our potential venue contract meeting this weekend
  3. Solidify the budget
  4. Create a wedding wesite (or a draft)
  5. Take engagement photos before the holidays so we can have save the dates out by January (well first we have to find a photographer)
  6. Go dress shopping!
  7. Save save save

What a list!!

Some big steps are just about complete:

  1. Got ring insurance
  2. Was surprised with an awesome engagement party
  3. Chose wedding colors (plum, fuchsia, kelly green, navy accents on grey, white and black! Sounds like a ton of colors, but we can make it work)
  4. Chose a general wedding theme (outdoor garden, chic and modern yet romantic)
  5. Started making list of registry items
  6. Created a short list of honeymoon destinations
  7. Started making the guest list

Here’s some inspiration that helped us decide on colors:


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