Wedding Wednesday Post #4

Now that I’m well-rested, I’ve started wedding planning again. I went dress shopping over the holidays and discovered that the styles I thought would flatter my body most, didn’t. I fell in love with the slip dress style, which looks rather boring on a hanger. In fact, I almost over looked this deceptively simple style when sifting through racks for dresses to try.

Thankfully, my consultant encouraged me to try on multiple styles that might flatter me. Since then, I’ve booked three appointments for a wedding dress “do-or-die” weekend with my sister and future mother-in-law.

If you haven’t been wedding dress shopping before, it’s a lot like going to a fitting for a fashion show. All the dresses are placed on a rack and you basically strip down, put on bridal undergarments (i.e. a tight corset and a poofy skirt) and place dresses head first on your body. Once the dress is on, the consultant usually pins it to give you an idea of how the dress should fit post alterations. Outside of the dressing room, your family and friends wait to see how you look. There’s usually a round pedestal for you to stand on and of course, tons of mirrors. Something that surprised me about the whole process is that many places don’t allow photography unless you’ve committed to buying the gown!

I can’t wait to find my perfect dress (at the perfect price point). Unlike other brides, I’m more interested in the style of the dress than any particular designers.



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