Wish List

Soon I’ll start updating my spring wardrobe. I’m searching for more silk blouses, full skirts, skinny jeans and of course one can never have too many swimsuits.

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NYFW Favorites

Unlike others in the blogging world, I actually wasn’t too interested in NYFW. In fact, I didn’t even look at runway stills until I started writing this post. Perhaps the debates on whether or not fashion shows and fashion weeks still matter have affected my interest in them. Recently, I have been taking cues from what’s sold in stores and what my favorite bloggers and fashion personalities are wearing. I’m more apt to re-pin an outfit I like than scroll through the slideshow of a particular designer’s presentation. This isn’t to say that designers’ collections are irrelevant. I’m slowly learning which designers’ aesthetics fit my personality and I’m excited to see that list grow. However, the idea of trends doesn’t sit too well with me anymore.

My issue is that to follow trends, I either have to spend a little bit of money (Forever 21, Zara) or a lot of money (at some high-end retailer). I don’t want to be wasteful but I don’t want to dump a significant amount of money into something that will look dated in a few seasons. So I just ignore trends. I focus more on what I find beautiful and the story I’d like for my attire to tell.

Below are the designs that inspire me the most for this upcoming fall (you can never start building your future wardrobe too early right?)


Cushnie et Ochs
Rachel Zoe
Prabal Gurung
Helmut Lang
Jason Wu
Narciso Rodriguez
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Wedding Wednesday Post #5

Whenever I think of bridal fashion, I typically don’t consider menswear. However, my guy is rather excited about what he’s going to wear, so I’ve dedicated this post to that! Unlike other brides, I don’t want to dictate what my s.o. wears to our wedding. Perhaps it’s because I trust his aesthetic and fashion sense. Anyway, he’s decided to wear grey, black and white.

This Suit with a better blouse.  [The Hugo Boss James/Sharp in Grey (he has it in navy)] 

With these Shoes (Allen Edmond Strands in Walnut)

Thankfully he has the Strands, but we’ll have to purchase the suit (and probably a new shirt).

Regarding my attire, I still need to find my wedding shoes and accessories. We also have our engagement photo session scheduled and chose our outfits a few days ago.

I can’t wait for the shoot and especially can’t wait for the wedding!


P.S. I found my gown!!

Product Review

For some reason, my hair absolutely loves the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi WildGinger line. A hairdresser used this serum on my hair for New Years and it was the smoothest I have ever seen my hair! In fact, I called the salon to track down which serum was used and bought it for myself.


I hate the price (~ $26), but love the results and since I wash my hair once a week, this little serum should last me a long time. I tried applying it to wet hair and dry hair and found that it works better after I’ve washed my hair and blow-dried it, but right before I flat iron it.

I’m attempting to grow out my hair for my wedding this year and would like to know if you have stumbled upon any miracle products!


P.s. This is not a sponsored endorsement.

It’s My Birthday!

Today I turn 23 and I couldn’t be more excited!

As gifts, I got a new dress from Diane von Fursternberg,  a brown pair of classic Stuart Weitzman pointy pumps and some freebies from Aveda and Sephora (join their birthday programs if you haven’t already!).

I avoided throwing a party or big dinner since I’m new to this city, but serendipitously a friend of mine decided to throw a Mardi Gras cocktail party tonight which should be a lot of fun.

This year, I’m going to focus on experiences with loved ones and growing as a young professional. I’m so blessed to have a job and great people around me; I just want to make sure that I enjoy it all!


Blog Love: Stina Auer

I discovered this blog through Feather Factor, a blog that interviews fabulous women (including one of my favorite authors in fashion, Dana Thomas!). Stina seems to live a wonderful life in Europe with lots of travel, beautiful events and a happy family , but the reason I like her blog so much is because of her coat collection! I normally abhor winter weather/ anywhere cold, but if I could have coats like hers, that might make living in more northern climates possible. Check her out!

Also, Happy Friday!


Run Girl Run

Last week I registered for my first distance race, the Athleta Iron Girl 5k. Though it’s only a 5k, I not used to running for more than two minutes straight since I was a sprinter in high school. This race is a huge deal for me and not only do I want to complete it, but I also want to get a great time.  I’m so excited to compete even though I won’t begin training until March! Between now and then, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some new gear. Anything to get me moving right?

Water bottle.

I ordered this one for work, but I think it will also become my fitness bottle. It’s so sleek. I just hope this glass bottle’s coating is as durable as the manufacturer claims!

New Running Shoes.

I’ve been using the same Nike shoes for everything over the past 4 and 1/2 years. They’ve seen me through my kickboxing days, running on the beach in Brazil and attempting to play tennis with my fiancé. Unfortunately, I’ve started to think that they’re too heavy/ boxy and I may be injuring myself when I wear them (this is never a good thing). Time for an upgrade!

Running Tanks.


I considered buying one of those arm straps for my current iPod, but since my arms will be working hard anyway, I don’t see why I should or would want to add any weight.


One of my uncles used to live in the Bahamas and brought fresh coconuts every time he visited us here in the States. I’ve tried Zico before and think it’s pretty delicious.

Running Bottoms.

I have a couple of pairs of running pants, but I’ve always wanted capris. Also, I’ll be running in a warmer time of the year, so this purchase makes perfect sense.

Sports Watch

How cool is the Nike+ technology? Not only is it a watch, but it also functions as a pedometer, heart rate monitor, timer and calorie tracker, among other things.

Though I’m not building a workout wardrobe from scratch, I do have a very conservative approach. I’m sticking with black for my more frequently used items and injecting fun through my tops. By the way, I have a slight bias toward Nike since it was the brand my track team wore in high school!