Run Girl Run

Last week I registered for my first distance race, the Athleta Iron Girl 5k. Though it’s only a 5k, I not used to running for more than two minutes straight since I was a sprinter in high school. This race is a huge deal for me and not only do I want to complete it, but I also want to get a great time.  I’m so excited to compete even though I won’t begin training until March! Between now and then, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some new gear. Anything to get me moving right?

Water bottle.

I ordered this one for work, but I think it will also become my fitness bottle. It’s so sleek. I just hope this glass bottle’s coating is as durable as the manufacturer claims!

New Running Shoes.

I’ve been using the same Nike shoes for everything over the past 4 and 1/2 years. They’ve seen me through my kickboxing days, running on the beach in Brazil and attempting to play tennis with my fiancé. Unfortunately, I’ve started to think that they’re too heavy/ boxy and I may be injuring myself when I wear them (this is never a good thing). Time for an upgrade!

Running Tanks.


I considered buying one of those arm straps for my current iPod, but since my arms will be working hard anyway, I don’t see why I should or would want to add any weight.


One of my uncles used to live in the Bahamas and brought fresh coconuts every time he visited us here in the States. I’ve tried Zico before and think it’s pretty delicious.

Running Bottoms.

I have a couple of pairs of running pants, but I’ve always wanted capris. Also, I’ll be running in a warmer time of the year, so this purchase makes perfect sense.

Sports Watch

How cool is the Nike+ technology? Not only is it a watch, but it also functions as a pedometer, heart rate monitor, timer and calorie tracker, among other things.

Though I’m not building a workout wardrobe from scratch, I do have a very conservative approach. I’m sticking with black for my more frequently used items and injecting fun through my tops. By the way, I have a slight bias toward Nike since it was the brand my track team wore in high school!



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