Wedding Wednesday Post #5

Whenever I think of bridal fashion, I typically don’t consider menswear. However, my guy is rather excited about what he’s going to wear, so I’ve dedicated this post to that! Unlike other brides, I don’t want to dictate what my s.o. wears to our wedding. Perhaps it’s because I trust his aesthetic and fashion sense. Anyway, he’s decided to wear grey, black and white.

This Suit with a better blouse.  [The Hugo Boss James/Sharp in Grey (he has it in navy)] 

With these Shoes (Allen Edmond Strands in Walnut)

Thankfully he has the Strands, but we’ll have to purchase the suit (and probably a new shirt).

Regarding my attire, I still need to find my wedding shoes and accessories. We also have our engagement photo session scheduled and chose our outfits a few days ago.

I can’t wait for the shoot and especially can’t wait for the wedding!


P.S. I found my gown!!


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