Wedding Wednesday Post #7

A few weekends ago, my fiance and I had our engagement photo shoot. We worked with a photographer we met through a friend, Anastasia Tantaros of Anneka Photography,  and she did an amazing job! Here are some of our favorite shots.


Some Tips:

  1. Be patient. Taking photos is somewhat exhausting (no wonder models faint!). You will get tired, but it will all be worth it in the end.
  2.  A little alcohol doesn’t hurt! I giggled with nerves for a good 10 mins during the beginning of our shoot. 
  3. Try a DIY idea. We spent about an hour blowing and tying balloons. It was a lot of fun and gave us a unique effect.
  4. If you’re indoors, play music you like to set the mood.
  5. If you’re outdoors, don’t be alarmed if your heels sink into the ground. I’m sure I looked silly tip-toeing around, but I wear these shoes to work, so I couldn’t totally sacrifice them.
  6. Take tons of photos. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably blink, talk, or smile too hard (I’m working on it!) while your photographer is trying to do his or her job. Thankfully, Anastasia loves snapping every moment, so we’re glad she got some of us looking normally!

Now that these are over, we’re mocking up our Save-the-Dates and meeting with officiants and caterers. I’m so excited to have these boxes checked on our wedding plan.

Gilt City DC Warehouse Sale

I absolutely live for sales! As soon as I got the invite to the Gilt Warehouse sale, I had to sign up! They advertise 90% off retail prices and I’m waking up early next Saturday (probably around 6:30am), and skipping my yoga class, just to see if they deliver.

Here’s what I’m shopping for:

  • an iPhone case for my new phone
  • Actual skinny jeans (not jeggings)
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding earrings
  • Sweaters and L/s tops
  • A full black skirt
  • Short black leather boots
  • Leather belts in all widths and colors
  • A shorter wool coat (so I can drive and stay warm)
  • Vacation dresses (for our winter honeymoon?)
  • Strong leather sandals
  • Everyday earrings (I lost a pair I purchased in Chicago)

I missed the sale in last summer/fall and I didn’t want to make the same mistake again. Fingers crossed that I can find all these things for amazing prices during my 2-hour shopping time frame.


Wedding Wednesday Post #6

We set a date! I’m so excited that we chose such a unique venue for our wedding. We hope our guests have a great time. Now that the most important piece is taken care of, we have about 7 months to figure out all the details!

The great thing about this space is that we aren’t confined to being indoors or out. Next tasks to conquer are: 1. find a caterer, 2. find an officiant, and 3. send out save the dates.


P.s. The hunt for the perfect shoes and accessories is still on. I’m searching for pieces that I can re-wear in the future.