Gilt City DC Warehouse Sale

I absolutely live for sales! As soon as I got the invite to the Gilt Warehouse sale, I had to sign up! They advertise 90% off retail prices and I’m waking up early next Saturday (probably around 6:30am), and skipping my yoga class, just to see if they deliver.

Here’s what I’m shopping for:

  • an iPhone case for my new phone
  • Actual skinny jeans (not jeggings)
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding earrings
  • Sweaters and L/s tops
  • A full black skirt
  • Short black leather boots
  • Leather belts in all widths and colors
  • A shorter wool coat (so I can drive and stay warm)
  • Vacation dresses (for our winter honeymoon?)
  • Strong leather sandals
  • Everyday earrings (I lost a pair I purchased in Chicago)

I missed the sale in last summer/fall and I didn’t want to make the same mistake again. Fingers crossed that I can find all these things for amazing prices during my 2-hour shopping time frame.


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