Washed Out

I love this artist (who’s from my home state!) and have yet to have the chance to hear his music live. I can just imagine how amazing and transforming the concert would be. For now, it’s me and the ipod.

This is an unofficial music video for the song Call it Off. Reminds me of summer.



Gilt Sale and Recent Purchases

The Gilt Groupe Warehouse sale from a few weekends ago was a really unique experience. I’ve never been to one before but I’m so happy I did!

Here’s what we found:

Gant Deck Jacket

Jack Spade Sweater


Thakoon dress


Something fun 😉


My sample sale shopping tips:

  1. Don’t make a list, but do have a budget. I made (and posted here on the blog) an extensive shopping list. This turned out to be a big waste of time since I didn’t really know beforehand what I would find. I do recommend having an idea of the maximum amount you’d like to spend for the event. This way, you can shop and buy with a clear mind.
  2. Wear tall shoes. I felt bad for the shorter girls, but having height definitely helps you spot items over people’s shoulders and sift through far away clothing racks.
  3. Wear form fitting clothes. The room will get packed and you will knock into your neighbors, so minimize your impact by wearing clothes that won’t get caught by hangers, etc.
  4. Eat breakfast. Working a sample sale requires a lot of energy. You don’t want to be exhausted or slow when shopping in a room full of crazed deal-seekers. You need to be alert and quick!
  5. Arrive early. Ok, we may have overdone it by arriving at 7:30am for a 9am event, but the line builds quickly and if you’re competitive like me, you’ll want to get first dibs on everything inside.
  6. Don’t drink too much Prosecco. If you do, you may need to waste critical shopping time waiting in line for the restroom. Don’t do this to yourself. Stay focused and grab drinks when you’re done perusing the room 2-3 times.
  7. Don’t shop with friends. I brought my fiance with me to look for guys clothes, but as soon as we got in line, we agreed that we should split up. We were both on missions and didn’t need distractions! This plan worked out quite well because there’s no way we could have browsed both men’s and women’s sections together within the allotted timeframe.
  8. Know your size in different designers and which silhouettes flatter your body. This one is tough because sample sales often expose shoppers to items they may not have access to on a regular basis. However, if you know that you generally wear a certain size in certain designers and that straight and narrow shapes don’t flatter your curves, this can help you quickly separate the maybes from the no-ways!

Other recent purchase


I also bought a book for the spring as I work on my resolution to read more this year. I’m currently wrapping up a book on consumer behavior called Consumerology and can’t wait until I get started on this one.


Skirting the Issue

Now that it’s officially spring and I’m starting to edit my closet, I have realized that I need more skirts! I tend to wear pants and dresses but want to have more options in the morning and switch things up.

In my opinion, skirts rarely get much attention in fashion, but they’re such an easy way to add style to one’s look and versatility to one’s wardrobe.

Though I don’t have many skirts, I prefer to wear pencil skirts primarily during the work week and flippy skirts on the weekend.

Work and Play



torn skirtrebecca taylor

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