Like a lot of shoppers, I’ve  been searching for the perfect basic tees for many years. I currently own two scoop-neck tees by James Perse (via TJ Maxx) and two v-neck tees from Madewell. The James Perse tees are very soft and have lasted for at least two years. My only concern with the style I chose was that since it’s very slim, I don’t have much room to be bloated/ out of shape. Obviously no one plans to be bloated, but when it happens, I still have to wear clothes! On the other hand, the Madewell v-neck tees were very soft and long, but I already have holes in the pair I purchased about 4 months ago.

So recently, I decided to test out the domestic start-up retailer, Everlane.  At $15 a pop, I figured it was worth the try, especially since the tees are made in the USA. After reading reviews on other blogs, I settled on the xs white v-neck and xs grey v-neck. I usually wear size small or size 2 in most brands, size 0 in stores with vanity sizing (J Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor), so based on my measurements and the Everlane sizing chart, I went with an xs.


The verdict: I really love the fit (tight up top, looser on the bottom) and the fabric (100% supima cotton) feels soft yet strong. I have broader shoulders, but the shoulders of the tees measured about 14.5 inches between the sleeve seams. So far, so good! I hope these last for as long as my James Perse ones have.

Check out the brand, Everlane! I haven’t bought any of their other items, but I would suggest reading more reviews before you buy.


P.s. This is not a sponsored post.

They’re Back!

It’s strange for me to refer to bands that “I loved in college” but one of my most memorable university concerts featured the Australian electronic band Cut Copy. They’ve recently released a single, “Free Your Mind” and I love it. Thankfully, Cut Copy retained its ethereal, synth-pop sound in this laid back, upbeat song.



P.S. They’re latest album, “Free Your Mind” will be released on November 5th in the States!

The Big Day



Ah I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, but I’ll be back with fashion posts and photos from my wedding earlier this month. Life’s been so amazing (and there’s so much to review from NYFW)!