Wedding Wednesday Post #8

Lately, I haven’t been posting much about my progress with planning the wedding or about anything really.

To be honest, I had to take a break from blogging to focus on other areas of my life that need my attention (like searching for an apartment in a new city and study for my upcoming GMAT exam–2 more weeks to go!)

However, this doesn’t mean that I’ve put wedding planning on hold. On the contrary, my fiance and I have

  1. found a photographer
  2. blocked off hotel rooms for out of town guests
  3. selected one of our desserts
  4. choose all of our ceremony music
  5. finished our wedding website (we used WordPress)
  6. ordered invitations
  7. and I bought some killer wedding shoes

Exhibit A: B Brian Atwood Laplata Sandalslaplata

Surprisingly, Neiman Marcus was the retailer with the best price! Unfortunately, now they’re all sold out. Anyway, the color of the shoes is very saturated and the laser work is superb. Also, they make my calves look great, though no one will be seeing my calves under my wedding dress haha. I will have to practice in them and break them in before the wedding, however, since they’re so high (4.5 inches with NO platform what-so-ever)!

 I’ve also invited people to my NYC bachelorette party using a new evite site I discovered called Hopefully, I’ll have a hotel reserved by tonight.

Other wedding to-dos for May include:

  • Selecting a DJ
  • Choosing wedding bands (we returned to our engagement ring jeweler but aren’t 100% excited about the options we saw)
  • Booking our own hotel room
  • Finalizing our registry (We’re using the aggregate site Registry Love
  • Choosing our wedding ceremony words
  • Booking activities for my Bachelorette Party

I think we can do it, but I literally have no time!