Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I spent the whole day cooking so I didn’t even have time to blog! Thankful to be surrounded by my amazing family and avoiding the crazies at the mall today!


Holiday Wish Lists


1. Nordstrom, Trouve, $139.95

2. Forever 21, $12.50

3.Barnes and Noble, $45

4. Urban Outfitters, BDG, $49

5. Bluefly, Aegean Apparel, $ 44.99

6.Endless, $106.95

7. Shopbop, Gorjana, $62

8. RevolveClothing, Kenneth Jay Lane, $35

I should be studying for the rest of my exams right now, but instead I decided to create this list of things I think I want for Christmas/post-Christmas. Before I leave school, I’ll probably clean out my closet, donating items I barely wear or that no longer fit.

In addition to these things, I also hope I can find patterned black tights, a clutch,¬† new running shoes, a black blazer, a dress for my upcoming birthday and silk blouses! That’s a lot of shopping

This year my boyfriend wants a safety razor and all the accessories that come with it; we found these on classicshaving.com. I think they’ll really fit his style for the new year!


Independence Day

I went to the John Legend concert by the river Saturday night and saw Toy Story 3 on the 4th. I definitely recommend watching it, if you’re a pixar fan. I think I felt every emotion possible during that film, which makes it a hit in my opinion. The JL concert was ok. I know he’s very r&b, but I guess I expected him to “pop” things up a bit, since this is a family oriented holiday. He sounds amazing live though!