Fancy Pants

Hi Readers!

My life is still currently a whirlwind, but I did have a chance to slow down and check out J. Crew’s newest additions.

I am a big fan of their Cafe Capri pants and wear two (one black, one a saturated light blue) to work regularly. Today I came across these beauties and immediately fell in love! I haven’t really been into the printed pant trend but if I were to take the plunge, this would certainly be my first pair.



I wouldn’t mind the blue suede shoes either!


Fashion Trend I’m Into

Silk Prints
I have the most uninteresting collection of pants. Blue, black, white…boring! This summer, I really want to wear pants like these. I found my dad’s old Nigerian pants in my parent’s basement and want to take them to a tailor to get them resized. Anyway, I love the concept of pairing a simple silk blouse with bold, in-your-face pants. If only I were brave enough to pull it off!