Long Overdue: 10 Things I’m Thankful for this year

10. My Unique Culture

9. Technology

8. Hulu and Netflix

7. Having my own apartment

6. My Vivacious Friends

5. TJ Maxx, Off 5th and Neiman Marcus Last Call!

4. My Amazing Boyfriend

3. My Huge Family

2. My future/ job

1. My Health

What are you Thankful for this Holiday Season?


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I spent the whole day cooking so I didn’t even have time to blog! Thankful to be surrounded by my amazing family and avoiding the crazies at the mall today!


10 Things I’m Thankful for!

10. My mind

9.Great Restaurants and Good Food

8. Magazines/Books/The Internet

7.TV Shows: Gossip Girl, Real Housewives Franchise, Millionaire Matchmaker, Giuliana & Bill, Scooby Doo

6.My Midtown Apartment (I wish this were mine!)

5.Holidays/ Vacation

4. TJ Maxx!

3. My Girls

2. My Amazing Boyfriend

1. My Big Fat Nigerian Family

Happy Thanksgiving!