The Big Day



Ah I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, but I’ll be back with fashion posts and photos from my wedding earlier this month. Life’s been so amazing (and there’s so much to review from NYFW)!



Beauty Duty

On my most recent trip to Whole Foods, I decided to pick up a product I’ve heard about for at least the past 6 years: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It’s 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite (aka green clay).

As I prepare for my upcoming wedding (4 months to go!) I want to ensure that my skin, hair and teeth look great! Fortunately or unfortunately, I’d rather save up for an awesome honeymoon than shell out hundreds of dollars for expensive treatments. So, I’ve returned to my “roots” with a few DIYs.


I found a teeth whitening recipe on Pinterest (don’t judge!) and before I tried it, I got the green light from my dentist. I brush my teeth with this mixture once a week until they’re as white as I’d like, then I’ll switch to doing this once a month.


a drop or two of Toothpaste

1 teaspoon Hydrogen Peroxide

 1 teaspoon Baking Soda


[not my teeth, photo from]

* I’ve switched to a “sensitive” toothpaste to ensure that I don’t destroy my teeth or gums. I’m not 100% sold on the results yet and may give in and buy Crest Whitestrips if I don’t get the look I want within the next two months!


For my skin, I’ve been making a green clay mask using this clay powder from Whole Foods once a week. It tingles for about 30 minutes after you rinse it off, but my normally large pores have never looked better.

Recipe for one person:

1/2 teaspoon clay powder

1/2 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

1/4 teaspoon of water

Honey (optional)


General Health Steps:

I’ve been taking biotin for a few months now to encourage my now-past-shoulder length hair to grow grow grow! I choose a “medium” strength compound after reading about people having bad reactions to excessive biotin (strange hair growth and cystic pimples).

Also, I’ve been training for a 5k (ran last Sunday!) and attending regular pilates and yoga classes.

I’ve added more smoothies to my weekly meals and up-ed my oatmeal consumption (complete with ground flax seed for omega-3s and almond milk since I’m lactose-intolerant) to about 4 times a week.

So far, most of these measures have proven successful. My skin glows more and old acne spots are clearing up much more rapidly. I also lost a tiny bit of weight (I think my increase in oatmeal and smoothies is to credit here) and I have more energy.

Are any events in your life affecting your beauty routine? 


Wedding Wednesday Post #6

We set a date! I’m so excited that we chose such a unique venue for our wedding. We hope our guests have a great time. Now that the most important piece is taken care of, we have about 7 months to figure out all the details!

The great thing about this space is that we aren’t confined to being indoors or out. Next tasks to conquer are: 1. find a caterer, 2. find an officiant, and 3. send out save the dates.


P.s. The hunt for the perfect shoes and accessories is still on. I’m searching for pieces that I can re-wear in the future.

Wedding Wednesday Post #5

Whenever I think of bridal fashion, I typically don’t consider menswear. However, my guy is rather excited about what he’s going to wear, so I’ve dedicated this post to that! Unlike other brides, I don’t want to dictate what my s.o. wears to our wedding. Perhaps it’s because I trust his aesthetic and fashion sense. Anyway, he’s decided to wear grey, black and white.

This Suit with a better blouse.  [The Hugo Boss James/Sharp in Grey (he has it in navy)] 

With these Shoes (Allen Edmond Strands in Walnut)

Thankfully he has the Strands, but we’ll have to purchase the suit (and probably a new shirt).

Regarding my attire, I still need to find my wedding shoes and accessories. We also have our engagement photo session scheduled and chose our outfits a few days ago.

I can’t wait for the shoot and especially can’t wait for the wedding!


P.S. I found my gown!!

Wedding Wednesday Post #4

Now that I’m well-rested, I’ve started wedding planning again. I went dress shopping over the holidays and discovered that the styles I thought would flatter my body most, didn’t. I fell in love with the slip dress style, which looks rather boring on a hanger. In fact, I almost over looked this deceptively simple style when sifting through racks for dresses to try.

Thankfully, my consultant encouraged me to try on multiple styles that might flatter me. Since then, I’ve booked three appointments for a wedding dress “do-or-die” weekend with my sister and future mother-in-law.

If you haven’t been wedding dress shopping before, it’s a lot like going to a fitting for a fashion show. All the dresses are placed on a rack and you basically strip down, put on bridal undergarments (i.e. a tight corset and a poofy skirt) and place dresses head first on your body. Once the dress is on, the consultant usually pins it to give you an idea of how the dress should fit post alterations. Outside of the dressing room, your family and friends wait to see how you look. There’s usually a round pedestal for you to stand on and of course, tons of mirrors. Something that surprised me about the whole process is that many places don’t allow photography unless you’ve committed to buying the gown!

I can’t wait to find my perfect dress (at the perfect price point). Unlike other brides, I’m more interested in the style of the dress than any particular designers.


Wedding Wednesday Post #2

Ah wedding dresses. I always assumed I’d know what I want, but I don’t think I’ll really know until I put on a couple of dresses. So far I’ve been really into intricate beading and lace and think I want a dress that shows off my arms and/or back (It’ll be really warm during the wedding). Here are some of my recent dress pins:

Alright, so maybe the last dress isn’t as detailed as the rest of them, but who can resist Vera Wang?

I still have a ton of work to do and I just found out this week that I’ll be having two ceremonies (don’t know if I should be happy or sad!)

I still need to:

  1. Start that wedding planning binder!
  2. Determine cities and venues for wedding ceremonies
  3. Work out harder
  4. Go dress shopping/ Get my measurements taken
  5. Book both venues!
  6. Start a wedding website
  7. Schedule and take engagement photos


Big News

I’m getting married!  I’m thinking of starting a Wedding Wednesdays section of the blog (so that this doesn’t turn into a wedding blog). Anyway, New York was amazing and my fiance proposed in Central Park. We walked around for a bit after (ok I probably floated) and grabbed champagne at a nearby lounge. I’m so glad I didn’t get a plain white diamond ring. I love my ring; it’s so unique!